ATTENTION  Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs….

“Did You Know That
49% Of Small Businesses
FAIL Within The First Five Years?”

YES, you read that right! Almost half of all businesses never make it
to their 5 year anniversary!

So why do you think so many hard working entrepreneurs are failing when they are working so hard and providing some of the best services and products in the world?

For most, it’s lack of good marketing.

If you’re like most business owners and professionals, you know you need something different in your marketing in order to get to the next level.

Are You…

  • NOT getting the results you used to with your marketing efforts?
  • Getting bombarded every day by the latest “shiny new magic bullet”?
  • Not sure what the next step should be?
  • “Trying” new marketing tactics without getting the results you hoped for
  • Overwhelmed with all the different things the “Marketing Gurus” are saying you need to do?
  • Thinking marketing is a bit like voodoo and scary to figure out

Does that sound like you?

Well you’re not alone! Thousands of businesses around the globe, big and small, are suffering from the same thing.

Not Knowing The Rules Of the Marketing Game Can Make Your Business Go The Way Of The Dinosaur!

More specifically, you need Laser Focused Marketing Systems!

You see, you used to be able to open up shop, unlock the door and people would happily walk in and buy something. They might even ask what they were buying after they paid you!

It was a golden age where you could get by without really doing much and do pretty good. But not any more.

The New Economy has changed the rules and you can’t get by with just “selling your stuff”.

You may be be doing a few things to market your business but what did work isn’t any more.


It’s the evolution of marketing and I can tell you most of it is the result of one main cause…

Your marketing may be “Out Of Sequence”

As Success Mentor Bob Proctor says, “It’s not a matter of doing the right things. It’s a matter of doing the right things, in the right way.”

Think about planning a trip from LA to New York. You won’t just jump in the car and start driving, right?

You’d plan it out. You’ll get a basic idea of what roads to take. Where to stop for the night, where you want to stop for lunch. You might program the trip in to your GPS.

Well, your marketing shouldn’t be any different. You should be planning out exactly where you’ll go, what you’ll do and how you’ll measure success.

You Need A Roadmap!

A system that will not only give you the tools but the step-by-step instructions on How To Use Them AND What ORDER To Use Them.

You see, most businesses suffer from “the cart before the horse” syndrome and that’s why they don’t get the results they expect from their marketing efforts.

That’s why I created the

You see, with all the Marketing Agencies, Social Media “Managers”, Website Designers, Promotional Product Companies, Advertising Agencies, etc out there, it’s overwhelming for any small business owner who wants to grow their business without breaking the bank to do so. We all get bombarded with “Hot New Things” every day.

These slick salesmen are promising the thousands of new customers. They give you slick presentations about the magic “Easy Button” that will bring people to your door begging you to take their money.

The sad thing is most of the time, they don’t turn out like we expected them to.

They might have worked for the other guy they told you about but for some reason it didn’t work for you. Why not?

  • Maybe your business is different?
  • Maybe your competitors underbid you?
  • Maybe your customers didn’t really want your product anyway?

It’s most likely none of the above!

“I thought there was a lot of value delivered for the minimal investment. Anyone serious about gaining that slight edge for your business would benefit with Y.M.U.”
~Paul Guerrero~

It’s because you didn’t have a solid foundation or “strategy” for your marketing tactics. You see all those tactics are useless unless you have a solid strategic plan, a foundation.

What if you could double the results from any one of the marketing tactics you’re using right now? How much would that be worth to you?

What if you knew right up front that the guy walking in your door, selling you the next greatest discounted advertising media with 25,000 readers actually isn’t going to do you one bit of good since maybe 10 of those readers are potential clients for you?

Would you still spend the money with them? Even at a “whopping 75% discount”?

Of course you wouldn’t!

How much would you save then? For some it would be thousands a year just by knowing exactly what will work and what won’t!

That’s what you Marketing Roadmap course will do for you.

How much money have you spent on marketing and advertising that gave you little or no returns? 100’s? 1000’s? More?

Stop wasting you hard earned money and build a system that costs less and gives you higher results on ALL of your marketing!

It’s all about empowering yourself as an entrepreneur to take control of your marketing and building systems that work for you 24/7, 365 days a year, even when you are sleeping.

No More “Spaghetti Against The Wall” Marketing!


Module One

Getting Crystal Clear

  • We’ll Define Who You REALLY Are
  • Who Is The Authentic You?
  • Is That The Message People See In You?
  • Perception VS Reality, And How To Find The Truth In Why Your Customers Buy From You!
  • Who Is Bob? Your Perfect Client Avatar
  • What Makes Them Perfect?

Module Two

Your Laser Focused Message

  • Crafting The Perfect Message
  • How To Speak DIRECTLY To Your Target Market
  • Quit Trying To Be Everything To Everyone And Become LASER Focused!
  • How To Use Your Message Everywhere And Exponentially Increase Your Results From ANY Marketing You Do
  • Becoming The Category Of One And Create Such A Strong Brand That You Competition Is Forgotten By Your Prospects

Module Three

The Big Picture

  • Planning Your Success
  • How To Become THE Authority
  • The Power Of Leverage
  • Mindmapping Your Roadmap

Module Four

Rockstar In 30 Days

  • Putting It All Together
  • Surefire Tactics To See Immediate Results
  • Simple Follow Up Rockstar System
  • Kickstart Buzz To Make You A Star In 30 Days

PLUS, as a Marketing Roadmap Student You’ll Also Get…

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Each week I lead a 60 minute training call to help you along your path to creating YOUR ultimate Marketing Roadmap. Each week a different topic within the Roadmap system is covered in even deeper detail. The format is 30 minutes of content training and 30 minutes of Q and A. You never have to feel like you’re on your own. With these weekly coaching calls you keep getting training and your questions answered!

If you are unable to make a live call you’ll be able to access the recording within the Roadmap membership website.

Roadmap Student Website

Lifetime Access
Want to go back and watch a module again? Missed a coaching call? No Problem!As part of your Small Business Marketing Roadmap program, you will receive lifetime access to the Roadmap Student Website, where you’ll have 24/7 access to the Roadmap training program and all coaching call archives.

Done For You Templates

You even get “Done For You” templates, action guides and checklists to help you get started with each Module right away. Fill in the blank forms help you understand the materials even better. Copy and paste email templates get you started communicating better with your clients and prospects. And there is even a copy and paste Affiliate agreement so you have all of your bases covered when you start getting those JV connections going.

If you took a drive from LA to New York, you wouldn’t just start driving without planning out some kind of map would you? Of course not! You’d use a map or GPS system to help make sure you were on the right path.

So why do so many professionals not have a map to keep them on the right track for their success?

Most work from a tactical mindset and don’t stop to create a solid foundation for their marketing first. They don’t realize it’s like building a house on quicksand!

If you’re like most business owners, you are bombarded by the shiny “Easy Button” tactics each and every day.

Not creating a strategy first can render many of the great marketing tactics out there almost useless.

The Small Business Marketing Roadmap will help you lay the foundations to all your marketing tactics and strategies for your business AND give you the exact plan you need to enhance all your other marketing efforts for your business!

This system could easily help you increase the results of ANY marketing you do By 10-50%! Would that make a difference for your bottom line?

Ely Delaney and his team over at have done a great job putting together the Small Business Marketing Roadmap. We all use maps to get from one spot to another everyday, doesn’t is make sense to have one for your business? Ely draws comparisons between planning for a trip and putting together your marketing strategy. The Roadmap lays it all out for you in plain English, examples and stories. If you are beginning a business, revamping a business or looking for more business, the Roadmap will very quickly put you on the right path! Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, if you should use online or offline marketing techniques, this breaks it down for you step by step!
~Heather Dopson~

The Small Business Marketing Roadmap shows you the key questions you need to answer, and the tools to use (many are free!) that will have the most impact on your bottom line the fastest…This one’s a winner.
~Gabrielle Fontaine~

“I absolutely love Y.M.U. classes and events. There is so much really useful content that is broken town in terms we can understand and work with effectively. Always great people to meet and Y.M.U. really promotes productivity and great connections.” Adriana Masser


Let’s recap everything you’ll get today when you become a
Small Business Marketing Roadmap Student

Module One – Getting Crystal Clear $97 Value
Module Two – Your Laser Focused Message $97 Value
Module Three – The Big Picture $97 Value
Module Four – Rockstar In 30 Days $97 Value
Weekly Coaching Calls (minimum of 45 calls per year) $6950 Value
Roadmap Student Website Access $1997 Value
“Done For You” Templates, Action Guides & Checklists $1997 Value
Lifetime Updates $997 Value
Total Value $12,329

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