Compensation Disclosure/Disclaimer

You should always conduct your own research on any and all products and services you purchase from the internet. This includes and products or service sold or recommended on this website.

1. Compensation
Throughout this website you will find product recommendations, reviews of products or services and even products and services to purchase directly from the owner of this site. Unless otherwise expressly stated, you should assume that all such references to products and services are made because material connections exist between the website’s owner (“Owner”) and the providers of this mentioned products and services (“Provider”).

2. Compensation.
The type of compensation received by the Owner when purchases of recommended or reviewed products or services may vary. In some instances, the Owner may receive complimentary products or services from a Provider prior to mentioning the Provider’s products or services on this website. In other instances, the Owner may receive a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation when you take action based on the content of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, when you purchase a product or service from a Provider after clicking on an affiliate link on this website.

3. Merit Based Recommendations.
The Owner recommends products and services on this website based in part on a good faith belief that the purchase of such products or services will help purchasers in general. The Owner has this good faith belief because (a) the Owner has tried the product or service mentioned prior to recommending it or (b) the Owner has researched the reputation of the Provider and has made the decision to recommend the Provider’s products or services based on the Provider’s history of providing these or other products or services. The representations made by the Owner about products and services reflect the Owner’s honest opinion based upon the facts known to the Owner at the time a product or service is mentioned on this website.

Some links you might find on this site do not have any affiliation or compensation whatsoever, but are included because the Owner’s felt that the product, service or information referred to would hold value for you. These items are included purely based on their merit and their perceived value to you, the readers of this site.