3 Ways For Introverts To Network Without Freaking Out

3 Ways For Introverts To Network Without Freaking OutEver get a little freaked out about going to a networking event?

Do you get nervous walking in the door some place where you don’t know everyone?

If so, chances are you’re an introvert.

It’s ok. In fact, so am I. Everything you see from me is from years of learning how to work with my natural state and deal with the things that freak me out. (AKA big groups, crowded rooms, loud places, talking to strangers, etc)

When I first started my business I had no clue what I was doing and I surely didn’t know how to network with other business owners.

I figured it out with “trial by fire”

Luckily, you don’t have to and there’s a few things I learned early on that made a huge impact on how I dealt with my introvert nature and networking.

Here’s three of my favorites to help you out…

Show Up Early
As introverts, we’re not too fond of crowds. I’ve been in crowds that were downright overwhelming. Anxiety attack and all.

One way I’ve found to really help with this is to show up to the event early. Be one of the first people in the door.

This gives you a huge advantage to talk to people as they enter the room and before they get into a conversation with a big group.

Look For The Wallflower
It’s pretty much a given that no matter how uncomfortable you are there’s likely someone else who’s just as or even more scared than you.

That’s the wallflower… the person sitting against the wall or sitting at a table by themselves looking like they want to talk to someone but just don’t know how to.

Go introduce yourself to that person first. Chances are, it will make their day and they will remember you forever because of it.

Once you get a little more comfortable you can then really become their hero and introduce them to someone else at the event.

Keep Asking Questions
One thing we tend to have issues with as introverts is the actual conversation. It’s pretty simple, we just aren’t as good at small talk as others.

Want a great way to make it easier on yourself and leave a lasting impression with the person you’re talking to as well?

Ask a lot of questions.

Make it about them. Let them know you want to know more about them and who they are.

Here’s a simple checklist of questions that should easily keep the conversation going if you get stuck…

  • “So, tell me about what you do.”
  • “How long have you been doing that?”
  • “What got you started?”
  • share

  • “What’s the most interesting part of what you do?”
  • “Who’s a perfect client for you?”

Those questions should easily be able to get you started and give them a chance to tell their story.

The best part about this is people really do want to share what they do. It is human nature to want to talk about themselves. So, let them!

You’ll get to know a lot about them which is great to know if they might be a good prospect or not and they will remember you as that awesome listener!

There you have it!

If you’re an introvert, run with these three tips. They’ve served me well over the years and have helped me grow my businesses to amazing heights. All while everyone thinks I’m a great conversationalist.

Little do they know that I used to be terrified of talking to people.


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