How To Future-proof Your Business Against The “Next Big Thing”

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So I just read an article the other day about Ello (the Anti-Facebook as they call it) and it brought up something I have believed for years and have been teaching my students to always keep in mind…

We started with MySpace, then Twitter was the hot thing, then Facebook took over. Something else WILL come along and take the place of Facebook. I don’t know when or what it will be but it’s going to happen. It’s an evolution.

See, the Internet is still actually fairly young and it’s evolving at lightning speed.

We have new technology coming at us all the time.

What works today may not work tomorrow.

What worked yesterday isn’t around today.

Not for most tactics anyway. The technology changes.

There are a few things that will always work. You may change the tools you use to implement them, but the strategies have always worked and will always work. It’s basic psychology

Remember the tools you use are just that…Tools

Every time Facebook updates their privacy policy everyone goes into an uproar. It’s happening right now. Consumers are upset because Facebook might use one of their photos without their permission or share their info with the government. Business owners are screaming because they are now requiring us to pay for our posts to actually show up.

I’m annoyed too but you have to remember… it’s THEIR playground, not yours. They make the rules of how you will play their game. I don’t like most of what they do. In fact, I’m not a fan overall. I do, however, see the power in what I can do with it. I’ve met amazing people all over the world using Facebook. I’ve got speaking gigs because of Facebook, I’ve had 1000’s of people read my articles because of Facebook.

So, am I willing to play by their rules?


I get a ton of great results by hanging out in their playground.

(Remember that if you look at Facebook as just another form of networking and you’ll rock it!)

Build YOUR Audience, Not Theirs

The goal on any marketing platform is to build YOUR audience. Your prospects, your customers, your fans, your referral partners.

That means that though you may have 2000 connections on LinkedIn you need to get connected with them personally. Get their email and talk directly to them. Not just on LinkedIn (or any other social site).

Get together for coffee, meet over Skype, hang out at a conference together. Meet them on LinkedIn and then build them in your OWN list.

Any list you have on social media (followers, likes, friends, connections, etc) are owned by that platform, not you.

Always remember that!

Your job to get them from there and to YOUR playground where you have the control of what you say, do (and even sell.)

Just Like Face To Face Networking…No One Wants To Hear You Whine!

Think about the last time you had a social gathering and got stuck talking to the guy that always sounds like Chicken Little telling you about the sky falling. It’s a pretty miserable existence isn’t it?

Well since the age of social media people’s filters have gone away and they use Facebook to let it all out. I can’t believe how often I’ll read a post and the comments are just hurtful towards others. There’s a large population that use Social media as their place to complain about everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING).

Do you want to walk into a store and hear the clerk complaining about the cold, the government, the last customer, their boss, etc? I know I don’t. I’ve actually left places and never returned because of those types of experiences.

Guess what… social media is the same thing. If I hear all the whining and complaining from someone I’ll block them AND it’s extremely doubtful I will ever do business with them in the future.

It’s About The Foundations

It’s the tried and true things that will make these tools successful.

Build relationships first – People buy from who they know, like & trust.

Be of service of others – Help them solve a problem.

Think long term – Stay in touch. Few sales are made on the first connection

Be Agile – Don’t base your entire business on one platform or media.

I remember how many businesses went under because of laws against faxing.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard of that lost their business when Google changed their search algorithm.

Don’t be one of those guys. It’s ok to use the latest cool tool to get to your clients but don’t base your business around the success of that platform. Bring them in to your own platform and nurture them.

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