Are you making things too hard? 3 quick tools to speed up your productivity …SIMPLY!

3 quick tools to speed up your productivity ...SIMPLY!With all the productivity courses, books and apps out there you’d think we’d have this business thing down to one automated click of a button.

Well I think those things truly make it harder than it has to be and are getting in the way of actually getting things done.

Speaking of, there’s a great book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It’s a great resource.

What makes it awful though is all the extra videos, training programs, applications, add-ons for other applications, etc to “help” you implement it.

They actually bastardize the entire point of the system… simplify and get things done!

Do it!
Delegate It!
Delete It!
(That’s from the book by the way so I give all credit to David)

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

Here’s one example:
I love as a project manager. It’s one of my favorite tools in the world.

Simply put, it’s a task list with extra features. THAT’S IT!
Now the guys over there may want to argue that fact as it’s got a lot more to offer but that’s what makes it so great.

It’s not complicated or overwhelming. In fact, I’ve actually talked to people that had a hard time with it because it was too easy to use.

They wanted all sorts of extra bells and whistles that they really didn’t need.

Why go with something you can add pretty icons to when you don’t need the icons to begin with?!

Over the years, I’d tried a dozen different programs for project management. I hated every one of them. They were too much work just to get things done.

Just make a list and get to work.

Evernote, another one of my favorite apps has a ton of other great features but my favorite right now is the “reminders” feature.

I can save a website in Evernote with a reminder to go back to it in a week if I need to.
Want to pick up that book at the book store this weekend? Take a screenshot and set a reminder to come up this weekend.

It’s brilliant for things like that.
Stop making things so complicated and make it as simple as you possibly can!

One more great tool I use is Gmail with Google Calendar.
Did know that you can create a calendar event from pretty much any email?

It’s simple. Let’s say a friend is getting ready to launch their latest book…
(hint: My new book Networking Tidbits just went live this morning. Great timing right?)

You get an email saying to go buy it tomorrow to help push it up the listing.

Take that email and save it as a calendar event in Google Calendar. It will attach the email right to it so you don’t even have to go searching for the link.

It’s all right there!

I could write at least 10 times this more about these tools and give you a bunch of other tools I use but that would defeat the point. Take one of these and run with it.

Get rid of all the other extra apps, sheets, templates, etc and keep it simple.

Just start with one today and get it rolling. The goal… ACTUALLY get things done!


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About The Author:
Ely DelaneyEly Delaney is a dad, Best Selling author, speaker, marketing consultant, Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Founder/CEO of Your Marketing University. His goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.

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