Four Steps To Making a Great First Impression

Make A Lasting First Impression!Want to stand out from the crowd… literally?

When you first meet someone, you have about 30 seconds to make a first impression. You’ve got to make it count AND you’ve got to make it stick!

You don’t want them to leave with just a good impression.
You want them to remember you for months to come.
You want them to remember you when it comes to your industry.
You want them to remember you when they need help with something.
You want them to remember you when someone they know needs your types of services

You want to KEEP top of mind with them for as long as you can.

It can be done with just a few simple actions. The best part is they have nothing to do with being pushy or salesy at all!

Ask About Them
Want to make a great first impression? Ask them about their business. So many people just spew about their own businesses when they first meet someone. Turn it around and let them talk about their own business instead of being the one talking.

I like to think of this as research. When I talk to someone I’ll turn the conversation around if I can and try to keep the topic about them. Then, once I feel I’ve got enough great info about them and their business, I might let the conversation migrate to my business a bit.

But… I’ll try to cater the message to them specifically so I can give them great helpful info that is relevant to them, even when I’m talking about my own company.

Give Them A Tip
Is the person you are talking to new to networking? Give them a tip on how they can make the most of the event. It’s really that simple.

If you have a tip that can help them out and add value to the conversation with someone, then share it. Especially if it’s got nothing to do with your direct business. That’s even better.

I’ve given people tips on how to make the most of their Chamber membership, who they should connect with at a conference, why they should move their name tag to the other side, etc.

One simple trick that can make them more successful can go a long way to making a lasting first impression that they will love you for.

Connect Them With Someone That Can Help Them
One of my favorite ways to make a great first impression is by introducing someone new to someone who can help them with their goals.

Some times it’s been a potential client and sometimes it’s been a vendor they needed. I’ve even had times when it was someone who would be a perfect fit to joint venture with.

Remember that it’s not about you and your products. It’s about what you can do to help them achieve their goals.

Stay In Touch
Last but certainly not least is staying in touch. Most business doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time. They have to get to know, like and trust you before they will truly want to do business with you.

By simply sending an email or picking up the phone and calling them once in a while you’ll be re-engaging them and making sure that they don’t forget about you.

Remember, we’re all busy and have more pressing issues to think about in our businesses. It’s your job to help those you meet remember that you’re there for them when needed.

Don’t expect them to remember you.
Don’t expect them to call you.

It’s your job to stay in touch and keep on building the relationship. Only then can you expect that they keep you top of mind.

Making a first impression is just the first step but if you do it right, you’ll create raving fans that will send you business for years to come.


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About The Author:
Ely DelaneyEly Delaney is a dad, Best Selling author, speaker, marketing consultant, Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Founder/CEO of Your Marketing University. His goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.

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