3 Things NOT To Do That Will Annoy The People In Your Network

3 Things NOT To Do That Will Annoy The People In Your NetworkI like to connect with a lot of people. The social part of me thrives on meeting new people and networking to see how we can help each other out. (Funny since I’m actually an introvert).

Over the years, I’ve noticed many people seem to have forgot some of the critical basics of how to make the most of their business relationships and that it’s about building the relationship FIRST. The sales will come but not if you shove your products down people’s throats.

Even when we’re talking about online networking, the following three things are my Top Three things to avoid with the people in your network. Someone reminded me of them again just last week with a LinkedIn message and I thought I’d share.

Keep them in mind and you’ll see how people will treat you with more respect and be there for you when you really need help.

Making It All About You
Now, when you get me started chatting, I have a hard time not talking about the stuff I do. I love my business and love talking about it. Even when I’m sharing information that’s geared just to help the person I’m talking to sometimes it gets mistaken for me being self centered. Even I have to watch myself on this one.

When you’re in conversation with someone, try to make it about them as much as you can. Ask questions. Let them talk about their business and what they are excited about.

I’ve actually started conversations with someone and no sooner told them my name and they started in about what they do, how awesome their company is and why I need to buy their services. They never even gave me a chance to tell them about who I was. In fact, I had one time where someone was selling me on how great their social media management services was. She talked for over 5 minutes before she even asked what I did. Sadly, she wasn’t happy when I told her I teach entrepreneurs how to market themselves without the need to hire people like her.

The look on her face actually made me giggle a bit.

Had she asked about me first, she would have saved both of us 5 minutes of our time and her a lot of embarrassment.

Talk About How Bad I Am For Not Buying Your Stuff
This one is a personal pet peeve of mine. Once I walked up to a speaker I had been impressed with to tell them I enjoyed their presentation. She really was one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen live.

Then she ruined the entire compliment by not only NOT saying a simple “thanks” but she asked if I had bought the program. When I said I had not, she immediately went into how bad that was and what I was missing out by not being part of her program.

She never even acknowledged the compliment I gave her and just went into her pitch on basically how much of a loser I was for not buying her program.

Every ounce of respect I had went out the door at that time. The sad part is I believe in what she teaches. I had told several people about how great of a speaker she was. Her books are great.

Her attitude took all that away and to this day I can’t get myself to recommend her stuff to anyone.

Never Talking To Them Until You Need Something
I’m going to steal a phrase from my friend David Fagan here called “Marketing Booty Call”

It’s where you call someone up to tell them about this great new thing you have that they need to get right away. You’re their best friend and you tell them how much this will help them.

They buy… and then you disappear. Sometimes for months.

Until that day when you have something new and exciting that you’re promoting that they just “must have”.

And the romance starts over again. You smooth talk them into the latest thing you have for sale and once they’ve bought, you’re gone again.

I can’t count the number of times this has happened to me. Not just about buying stuff but when it happens a lot when people are trying to get me to promote their stuff.

I can email them to touch base, sent them messages on Facebook, etc and nothing.

But… as soon as they have something new to promote, I’m their best friend and they are chatty as hell.

It’s not a good way to build a personal relationship. Why would you think that it’s okay in business? Try just reaching out and saying hi from time to time. No agenda but to be a good guy (or girl). It’s just good karma.

I could go on with a ton more things I see happening all the time but these three are a great start in changing how you build the relationships you have with your clients, vendors, referral partners, etc.

How successful you are is based on a lot of things and the relationships you have are a significant piece of it. You’ve got to set yourself up for the long term friend, not a one night stand.

The next time you send an email to that person or call them up asking for “a favor” ask yourself, “What did I do the last time I talked to this person?”

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