What’s On Your Marketing PlayList?

What Is On Your Marketing PlayList?Years ago, I was in the music industry. Coming up as a performer, then moving into audio engineering, recording, and even lighting for live concerts. I loved learning all the aspects of how the music world worked. Basically… I was a roadie.

It was a lot of fun and there are still days I miss it.

As I’ve been out of that world for quite a while and in the marketing arena instead, I’ve noticed a few things that actually translate very well from that world into the marketing world though.

One of the biggest lessons is about having a playlist.

There has to be a logical order of events

As musicians, they get on stage with a list of songs they will perform and the order they plan on performing them. There’s a logical fit to the order of those songs.

As a musician, you can’t perform all your upbeat songs first and then move to all the ballads in a row. It would slow down the energy of the entire show.

You can’t do the opposite as well as the show would start off slow and you’d lose people before you got the energy built up.

You need to mix it up a bit.

Marketing is a lot like that. You need to have a list of the marketing tactics you use and you need to mix them up.

You might do a lot of speaking like I do.
Mix that up with writing a few guest blog posts.
Change up your live presentations be adding a few webinars.
Write a book.

Don’t forget the classics

You can’t give up on one thing when you add something else in to the playlist!

As most successful musicians know, people want the classics. You can add in a few new songs but if you don’t keep a few of the old hits in your set as well people will be disappointed.

Humans don’t like change. They may like the new stuff as well but you’ve got to ease them in to it. You have to give them a few of the oldies to keep them happy and comfortable.

Your business is the same. You’re marketing is the same. You can’t just make a total switch without easing people into it.

People will be okay with you making a change but you’ve got to ease them into it so they don’t go into shock.

Trust me when I say, just like a great song, you’ll get tired of your marketing stuff WAY before everyone else will.

Stick to what you know and do best

I can’t count the number of musicians who moved into acting and fell flat.
It’s sad to see when someone is a great musician but can’t act their way out of a paper bag.

It can actually kill someone’s career.

More and more I’m seeing entrepreneurs do the same thing. They keep adding more and more products and services that have nothing to do with their core business and soon enough no one knows what they actually do.

Be careful you’re not changing what you do just because you see dollar sign. You’ve got to be doing it because you really want to provide value first. Don’t water yourself down.

Let’s say you’re a life coach and that’s your passion and your gift. You build your own website because you’re on a tight budget.

(we’ve all been there before at one time, right)

Don’t start building websites for all your friends!
You’re not a web designer! You’re a Life Coach!

Seriously, I have seen this EXACT thing happen at least 5 times.
Stick with what you’re great at.

You’re not helping anyone if you’re not playing to your strengths.
You’re watering down the message and your brilliance by doing things you aren’t great at.

It’s like the musician who started acting and burned. (Or the flip side of the actor who put out an album that should never have been heard. Ever… By Anyone!)

The live of an entrepreneur isn’t much different from the life of a musician. The more I think about it, the more I see the similarities and the lessons I can take from the music world and use them in the world I live in now.

Remember why you started. Most great musicians started because they love the music. Remembering that keeps them going.

Entrepreneurs should think about it the same way. Remember why you started, stick with what you’re great at and… make your playlist.

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