Do You REALLY Know It? I Doubt It!

Think you know it all?Have you ever seen a presenter share what they think is the best way to grow your business and think “Well I already know that!”

I’ve heard that both about other trainer’s stuff and my own.

One time I had another trainer looking at one of my programs and his exact words were “It’s great stuff but it is pretty basic though.”

The next words out of my own mouth were…
“But… have you actually done the stuff in the program?”

His answer was no and to this day he’s still struggling and most people have no clue what exactly he even sells.

So why do we discount the basics? Why is it that we can discount the things that are tried and true yet get excited about the latest, greatest, wiz-bang tactics out there when we don’t even try the basics when we “know those things already”?

It’s something that has always bothered me but it’s come up a lot lately.

I recently was talking to a potential client and we went though a strategy mapping session to build a few systems for their business.

When we got to the end they seemed disappointed with what we covered. The words of “You told me what I already know” came out if their mouth. Yet, they are overwhelmed, frustrated, and the systems they have are… well… non-existent.

The things I told them were exactly what they needed to do to create the success they are asking for. Yet, it’s not what they wanted to hear.

So, if they already knew what they need to do, then why hire me? If you know it all, why aren’t you massively successful already?

It’s funny how that works. The people that seems to “know it already” are the same people that are struggling with their businesses the most.

It’s the people that say, “You know what, I do know that and you’re right! I need to get that in place now. Thanks for reinforcing that and kicking me in the butt to get it done!” that get the biggest return. (Those are my favorite clients to work with as well!)

I’m an information junkie as much as the next person. I love learning new stuff all the time. Even recently I spent a decent amount on a program that someone I respect a lot was offering to see what they had to say about the topic.

I was hoping to learn something new yet, when I got to the end I was actually a bit disappointed at first. It was stuff “I already know”.

But then, I stopped and thought about it. Guess what, I do know most of what was in the program already. But, like many others, there was a lot of stuff I hadn’t implemented in my own business. Those were the things that even though I knew them, I’d blown them off as too basic and not shiny enough.

THAT is where the problem is!

As soon as I stopped and made that realization, I had a whole new respect for the program and the creator again. I remembered that he’s not teaching anything shiny and new. He’s teaching what works.

We don’t need something shiny and new. We need stuff that works. We need to stick with the fundamentals that have worked for years and will continue to work for years to come.

So, the next time you see something and say “well, I already know that!” stop and ask yourself, “Am I actually DOING it?”

It will open your eyes to a mass amount of success that’s been right in front of you all the time.

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