What Makes Compelling Emails Work?

What Makes Compelling Emails Work?Just this weekend I was presenting to a group on how to become a follow up fanatic and stay in touch with the people you meet. This was great because I was one of the first speakers at a three day conference and they were all there networking and meeting people for the next couple of days. I had an great opportunity to help each of them make the most of the event!

One thing that came up during the presentation was email length. I showed a couple of examples and someone pointed out that she thought one of them was really too long.

Honestly, it wasn’t long compared to so many emails I get, but I did see her point and it struck a nerve with me.

We live in an ADD world and everything has to be in “microwave bites” for us to pay attention.

Why do you think that Texting and Twitter are so popular?

It’s not because you can get a revelation from either of them.

It’s because we want short, sweet and to the point. We’re running so fast all the time and get hit by so many messages all the time we need things to be quick so we can notice and respond quickly. 15 seconds or less!

So how does this affect the copy on our websites, the emails we send, our elevator pitch, etc? All these are pieces of of our marketing message and they need to fit into this micro content society.

This is such a hot topic that my friend Adam Hommey and I are having a fireside chat about Long VS Short copy in a couple of weeks to talk about what’s working, what’s not and how we see the trends moving on copy for websites and sales pages.
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Right now, I want to talk about email though…
Think about where you first read most of your emails? Is it on your computer behind your desk or is it on your phone?

For me, it’s on my phone. I tend to see email as it comes in via my phone and I’ll skim there before I do anything with it.

I’m the type of guy that will skim and delete something if it doesn’t grab my attention right away. Being that I was in a conference the last few days I did a lot of skimming on breaks, etc. That’s when I really realized that my method is to skim and delete as quickly as possible.

In fact, I marked certain emails to go back to when I’m at my PC. Every one of them was short. 200 words or less. No graphics. No fancy stuff. Just plain and simple “This is what I’ve got and here’s where to get it”

So, for me, short emails with no fancy extras are the best.

For my audience that seems to hold true as well. In fact I’ve had several peers get on my for not “Branding” my emails with my logo and such. I just grin and giggle a bit every time I hear it.

I tried it in the past and my opens crashed. MY audience just didn’t like that style of emails. They wants something more personal and easier to read quickly. Since then, I’ve been a firm believer that people don’t want fancy. They want the meat and they want it fast. They don’t care about a photo. They care about you saying something that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged.

Now, does this mean that my results are “THE” way to do things? Absolutely not. But, I’d suggest that you test it with the people you email. Try writing something shorter and without any fancy extras and see if you get better responses. I’d guess that you might be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, email is just one piece of your marketing toolbox but I wanted to touch on this a bit and give you some things that have worked for me and many of my clients.

Simply put, try to make it simple. Don’t get too fancy and don’t make it any longer than you need to. Make it more compelling first. I’ve seen some emails that grabbed my attention in 10 words or less.

Sometimes, short and sweet really does make the difference!

Want to hear more about the Long VS Short conversation?
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