People Love Talking About Themselves. So Let Them!

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NT01-Branded-25 Let’s face it, we’re all a little egocentric to one degree or another.

We love talking about ourselves, our families, our pets, our businesses, etc. That’s the stuff that’s most important in our world. Therefore, we love talking about them.

When you’re out networking, the fastest way to make a great impression on someone is to let them talk about the stuff THEY love to talk about most.

It puts you instantly in a position of being a “great listener” (which, by the way is a trait people love about others).

You become the person who was super helpful and really listened to them. The best part about this is all this information they talk about gives you more insight to how they think and what’s important to them.

What better way to get research about someone than to get it directly from them telling you? I love to think of this as research into how I can cater the conversation moving forward.

By doing this, you can shift how you talk to them and what you say based on their personality.

One of the best things I’ve ever done is let someone talk about their business, how long they’ve been in business, why they do what they do, etc and then when they ask what I do, I can cater the message to talk about terms they get. Things they already are interested in.

They are much more likely to get what I do if I can talk about it in terms they will understand. You talk their language.

You can’t do that if you don’t know much about them to begin with.

Think about the last time you met someone in a conference or other business event. Was the conversation amazing or was it boring?

If it was amazing, think back and see if you were the one doing most of the talking. Chances are you were.

That’s exactly the same feeling others have when they get to talk about themselves and their businesses. The great thing about this is you’ll be the one who gave them that great conversation… even if the hardest part of the entire conversation for you was to not say anything. People love talking about themselves, so let them.


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About The Author:
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