Writing Articles to Boost Your Online Presence Part 2

Writing To Boost Your Online PresenceIf you did your homework from my last post on Writing Articles to Boost Your Online Presence you should have a good start on your article by now. You should have picked your topic, brainstormed some titles and even gotten a start on your opening paragraph.

Today we are going to start with credibility.

It is important to establish credibility with the reader. After all why should they listen to you, have you had this problem and if so how did it affect you and your business? When you solved the problem, what benefits did it bring you and how did it make things better?

If you can establish credibility with your reader they will be willing to listen to you and follow your advise. If you lack credibility in their eyes, they may be unwilling to follow your advise and will most likely be uninterested in what you have to offer.

In order to do this you need to tell your story.

Telling a story or sharing your personal experience can be a great way to encourage your reader to keep reading instead of losing interest.

Let the reader know what you have gone through. Give them a reason to empathize with you so they can see themselves in the same situation. Once you get your reader thinking “he’s one of us”, you will be perceived as an understanding individual offering a solution and not just an anonymous writer.

Then share with them the solution the problem. Let them know how it worked for you and how it can help them too. Once you have finished your story your article will be complete.

The next thing you need to make sure you include in your article is the solution you can provide to your readers. Solutions are almost always a great basis for your articles.

Once you have discovered a problem that relates to the topic you are planning to write about you can then offer the solution within the content of your article.

If you can give your reader the solution to his or her problem and then explain in detail why your product or
service is related to that solution you will grab their attention immediately.

Don’t be shy. Let them know exactly how you can help them. Explain to them that you can show them how to fix the problem or avoid having it again in the future. Once you have done a good job of convincing them you can help them, you will be sure to have a great article.

One of the best ways to get a particular point across to your readers is to give them examples. Let them know how yourself and others have benefited from the information, product or service you are writing about.

Explain in detail what effect it could have on their lives or businesses if they listen to what you have to say. Be helpful and informative. Try not to hype up your examples to much or they can end up sounding like a sales pitch instead of useful advise.

Don’t forget to reassure your reader. When you are offering the solution to a problem in your article be sure to reassure your reader. Let them know that if they follow your advice they can not only solve the problem but they can also avoid it ever happening again in the future.

Again use examples to tell them how everything worked out with the problem for yourself and others by using the same advise and reassure them it will for them too.

So now you should have a great article. You have talked about your tip or trick. You have provided your reader with usable, valuable information. You have explained to them your story and they have begun to empathize with you and understand why you would be a great person to listen to on this subject.

Now it is time to go back and re-read your article. Maybe even write a few more using all of the ideas filling your head.

Next time we will talk about how to post your articles online and what you need to do in order to direct visitors to your web site or to tell them how to contact you.

Until later.

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About The Author:
Cindy ClemensCindy Clemens is a mom, Best Selling author, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, marketing consultant and Co-Founder of Your Marketing University. Her goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.

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