InfusionCon 2012 Comes To An End…

InfusionCon. Family. Friends. Passion. Hope. Progress. Movement. Networking. Learning. Speakers. Food. Fun. Community. Energy. Exhausting. Amazing. Fantastic. Action. Inspiring. Full. Intense. Experience. Event.

These words and many more describe InfusionCon for me. And then there are feelings and friends that simply cannot be described. If you have never been to InfusionCon before, then I can never explain it to you so you would understand. It is the type of event that you have to attend to understand. But…I will try and sum up this year’s experience for me 🙂

The Networking…

InfusionSoft has managed to create a community like no other I have been a part of. Everyone at this event is friendly and open. It is more like an annual family reunion than a conference. And even the new family members are made to feel welcome. It is wonderful to see the new faces each year and to reconnect with the people you met in the past. Deals are made in the hallways. Life long friendships are forged and everyone is talking about the amazing possibilities they see ahead.

I did not hear one negative vibe expressed all 4 days. No one was talking about the “bad economy”. No one was talking about “how hard everything is”. Because at InfusionCon it isn’t. InfusionCon is about doing something to make a difference and taking control of your personal success. So the networking is upbeat, energizing and invigorating.

The Speakers…

This year (again) had an amazing lineup of speakers and trainers.

Jordan Hatch again showed us the most wonderful Ninja tricks to make our InfusionSoft even more incredible than it is out of “the box”.

Gary Vaynerchuk entertained us, scolded us for what we are doing wrong and told us how to fix it. He gave us a glimpse of the future he sees and infected the entire crowd with his passion and enthusiasm. Gary is an amazing person and if you ever have the opportunity to speak with him or see him speak, jump on it. Oh…and he is just a regular guy, funny, friendly and did I mention passionate about life? 🙂

Tom Beal stepped in and took charge of his time on stage even though it wasn’t even his words, but still managed to make them have meaning. His enthusiasm and energy were infectious and added an energy to the crowd that carried on throughout the entire day.

Ali Brown managed to inspire deep to my soul, without the (sometimes) false hype that motivational speakers can leave behind. Her words were simple, but I felt them deep and I know that the tears would have flowed had she had much more time on stage. I feel honored to have been able to hear her for the first time and I look forward to following her moving forward.

And there were so many more. Everyone of them brought their A game and inspired, scolded and did their best to impart their wisdom to the group. Their goal being to cause a permanent change that would move us forward to our very best futures.

Moving Forward…

As this year’s InfusionCon Family Reunion ends, 1400+ people will go back to their offices, their homes and even their countries and begin to implement what they have learned. We are already looking forward to next year’s event (It is already on the calendar and locked in). We are keeping track of our progress so we can maybe be a Finalist next year for the coveted title of “Ultimate Marketer”. We are looking forward to being able to come back next year and share our progress, our successes and our journey. We are heading online to connect via the various social media outlets so we do not loose touch over the coming days and weeks.

But most of all we are patting ourselves on the back for “Surviving” the 16 hour days, the learning, the incredible event that is InfusionCon and for making the right decision to spend the last 4 days with our InfusionSoft Family.

Thank you InfusionSoft for all that you do. Thank you Nicole Shoots for putting together yet another amazing InfusionCon. Thank you Clate, Scott and Eric for creating the environment that allows the InfusionSoft Family to exist. And thank you to the InfusionSoft Family for being an amazing group and making this event better every year. (This was my 5th 🙂 ).

See YOU next year at InfusionCon 2013!