Livescribe – The Cool Tool To Store Your Notes Easily YMU Update Feb 27th 2012

One Of the Best Tools I’ve Invested In!

Digitally store all your notes from meetings, conferences or masterminds in one easy place.
Most people nwo I’m a gadget guy. I love my geek toys.

But, out of everything I’ve ever bought, my Livescribe is one of the top tools I use almost every day.

I’ve had mine for years and love it!

Do you go to meetings, conferences, seminars, etc and end up with pads of notes all over the place? It’s a pain to try to go back over those notes. What if you want to share some of the notes with someone else? Scanning the pages takes time and  just isn’t effecient.

Livescribe makes it all super easy. When you write, the pen stores every word ready to sync to your computer. Just plug it in and everything is backed up digitally on your computer. You can search for keywords and even share specific pages as a pdf for others.

Honestly, you don’t even need to save the notebooks once oyu’re done with them. It’s all backed up in your computer in one easy to find location.

Out of all the tools I’ve ever bought, this is most likely the best investment I’ve made for my productivity.

I’d love to hear about the tools you’re using to make your life easier as well. Be sure to share below!

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