Small Business Marketing Quicktip: Are You Using Both Online AND Offline Followup?

Offline marketing still works. In today’s online world sometimes we forget that those offline things people have been using for years still work. Things like sending a physical card to a new prospect. Or…calling them on the phone. There is more to following up with people you meet than simply sending them an email.

In this Small Business Marketing Quicktip Ely talks about things you can do to stand out from the crowd when following up with the new people you meet in your travels.

In today’s world everyone is so sucked into the internet. The internet is a great tool. There are some great tools out there related to it using social media and stuff like that.

But you need to combine your online and offline together. Because offline still works. And honestly it works better.

Think about this. If you follow up with somebody you met them at a Chamber event or a seminar and you end up following up with them by just shooting them an email. That is one contact.

Now a couple of things to keep in mind is that people’s emails tend to get a little bit more flooded and sometimes a lot more flooded today. So you have got to be careful about that because that alone isn’t going to cut it.

You can take that and also connect with them on social media. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all of the other places that are out there. But here is the kicker with it.

Try sending them just a card every once in a while. Or a thank you letter. Just to touch base with them.

“Hey just wanted to touch base wanted to share some information with you and see how things are going. Thank you very much, have an awesome day.”

You know, something very simple like that. It doesn’t have to be big and complicated and you don’t have to do it all the time. But add some offline aspects to it.

There are some companies out that you can actually have a greeting card set up that all you have to do is fill in the blanks and they send a physical greeting card to them.

Or you can go down to the local store and pick up some thank you note cards. Something simple like that. It makes a big difference.

What you are doing is being different from everybody else. The majority of people are just using email. Now a lot of people are just using Facebook.

What you want to do is use a combination of all of these together. Because once you do online and offline together it is going to make a big difference. They are going to notice it. It is going to stand out way more than just a simple email will. And they are going to be much more impressed with you.

Which means that if they need your products and services they are going to be a lot more likely to come back to you because you have taken that extra step and built that relationship even further.

Are you only using online tools to follow up with your prospects? Are you using any offline tools? Share what you are doing below or what you will be implementing in the near future, I want to know.

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