Wishlist Member: How To Add People To Multiple Levels At Registration – Automatically

How To Add People To Multiple Wishlist Member Levels - Automatically

So you have multiple programs up and running. You have them all set up in your Wishlist Member and your members are getting access exactly like they are supposed to. Everything is good.

Then you decide to do a special offer that includes more than one program. Maybe you have a new program and as a launch offer you want to include a different program you have as a bonus. Or maybe it is the holidays and you want to do a super special bonus offer that includes all of your programs for one crazy price.

Either way you need to be able to add people to more than one level (preferably automatically) when they register their username and password.

In years past this meant creating a new level and making everything that was part of those other programs also part of the new program/bonus.

However this caused issues with privacy tags site wide having to be updated (since they were part of the new program and not the other ones, they could not see the content only visible to people in the other specific levels)

Or another way we used to do this was to have them added to a new program and then manually (and frantically) log in and add each person to the other levels they needed access to as well.

However we no longer need to do any of those things (and haven’t for awhile, but it has come up this week so I am talking about it now 🙂 ) because of a feature in Wishlist Member that allows people to be added to multiple levels at the same time…automatically.

I did a video to show you how to take advantage of this feature (it is easier to show you than to explain it 🙂 ). Check it out and let me know what you think:

Do you have visions on how you can use this feature? Do you have questions? Do you have something else you are struggling with that I can help answer?

Let me know below and I will be happy to help.