Are We Having Fun Yet? You’ve got to make it fun if you’re going to stay motivated!

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I do a lot of training classes and I always start with two rules.

#1 turn off your phone. (No one likes to get interrupted by a some funky ringtone)
#2 Let’s have some fun!

It’s Rule #2 that I want to talk about.

See, I love what I do. I love being a trainer and speaker. I love to teach others things they thought would be hard or complicated and show them those things aren’t as scary as they thought.

I truly love what I do.

Now, not everything is naturally going to be fun with any job. No matter what you do, it’s going to have a few things you don’t like, but with a little attitude adjustment you can still put a smile on your face and make more money as well!

Now, this isn’t a “Let’s just be happy” speech. I want to share why this is so important. When it comes to getting ahead in life, you’ve got to make the most of any situation. If you’re in sales of any kind (and aren’t we all?) this one tip could be the thing that turns you from mediocre to a rockstar.

Right now there’s a huge movement to “follow your passion” that everyone is preaching.
Now, I think it’s great and can say it’s something I’ve done for many years.

There is, however a slight issue with the thought alone…

If you’re passionate about watching reality TV shows, you’re not likely adding much value to the world and it’s doubtful anyone will pay you to do so.

You’ve got to make sure you’re adding value if you want to get paid.

So how do you get paid and still love what you do?
It’s about flipping the idea around. Instead of “following your passion” how about “be passionate about what you do” instead.

Simply put… how can you make what you’re doing fun?

Show that you are having fun. Make it fun for those around you. Add a little comedy to your job. Ask a lot of questions of those around you. Get to know them better.

And… smile!

I know these all seem like no-brainers when I say them but it’s amazing how many people I see that are looking for the negative twist on everything. I’m about looking at the positive twist on it.

Think about what you’re going to accomplish today? Is it going to impact someone’s life in any way?

The burger flipper at the local fast food place is going to impact someone’s day.

If I’m getting that burger, I’m hungry. That’s a problem.

When I’m hungry I can’t focus very well. Therefore, when you make that burger (and actually make it right) you’re solving a problem I have. You’re adding value to my life in that moment, and guess what….?

I’m grateful for that!

See, it’s that simple.

I’ll tell you what, when I walk in to any place to eat and I’m greeted with a smile, I’m more likely to come back.

When I order my coffee and the cashier jokes with me, it puts a smile on my face. I remember that for a long time.

On the opposite side, when I see someone and they look like I’d disturbing them, I remember that as well. I’m not likely to come back. Even when dealing with a professional service, I don’t care how great the service itself was, I’ll remember if someone is grumpy walking in the door.

Are YOU having fun yet?
If not, it’s costing you. Your boss remembers it. Your employees notice it. Your vendors notice it.

And… your customers notice it.
If you’re not showing that you love what you do, they truly are likely to go some place else where they can get a smile.



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