InfusionSoft: Custom Double Optin Links

This question has come up a couple of times during my Portland Infusionsoft User Group Meeting so I thought that rather than explaining it I would just do a video showing how I do it.

There are any number of reasons why you might want to create your own Confirmation (or Double Optin) link inside of Infusionsoft:

  • Run actions when someone clicks
  • Control the wording of the email
  • Ensure the email goes out no matter what
  • and more…

I mentioned this in my video but it is important so I will mention it here as well. One of the reasons for doing this is NOT to hide your intentions.

Meaning your email should say something like “to confirm your email click the link below” or possibly “to verify your information click the link below”.

It should NOT say “Click the link below to get your freebie” or “click the link below for your free video”.

We want to be very clear on what we are doing. We are not hiding that we are doing. That is NOT the reason for this process. The reason we are doing this is to control what happens once they click the link and to control how the entire email is worded and make sure it sounds like it comes from us rather than an autobot.

So check out the video below to see how to create your own confirmation link and how to merge it into an email you create (yes…even in the campaign builder).

Click The Image To Open and Play The Video

DISCLAIMER: As of today this works. However, Infusionsoft does updates on a regular basis and at some point in the future this may not work quite the same. So please, please, please test your email before you “Go Live” with it to make sure this function works the way you want it to.

Did this help you? Please tell me how you might use this to help you in your Infusionsoft. (I LOVE hearing how others are using the Infusionsoft 🙂 ).

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. Also let me know if there are other Infusionsoft How-Tos you would like to see and I will get them posted for you.