5 Magic Words That Will Open Hidden Doors For You

5 Magic Words That Will Open Hidden Doors For You

Let’s go back to a time of castles and wizards for a minute. Back to the day when a mage could utter a few words and make magic happen. People were entertained. People came to them to help with their ailments. They were the trusted advisor to many kings.

Whether those days were actually fact of fiction, it’s still fun to think of.

Did you know that in today’s “Techy ADD World” we still have words that are magic?

These words are charismatic.
They help you look charming to the people who’s ears hear them
They open doors you may not have even known were there
They create fame for those who say them
And… they can also be the cause of your soon to have fortune

Want to know the 5 magic words?
I bet you do!

Here goes…

“How Can I Help You?”

So you’re thinking “Those aren’t magic!”

Well, then you’re not saying them right.

Those words can help you get anywhere you want.

Think about the last meeting you had with a peer. Did you ask them how you could help them? If you did, it’s likely they were happy you asked. If they needed something, you were able to help them.

Think about how this simple question makes a huge impact.

By asking the question:
You get to find out more about the person and their needs.
This is research. You can see what they need, what types of services will help them, and how you can connect them with others

Leading me to…
The chance to connect them with someone else that can help them.
Remember, people don’t always need our services immediately. Yet, they always need something. You can become the trusted resource for them. This alone will build up the rapport that will turn them into raving fans who will definitely buy from you when they are ready.

Which leads to…
They will WANT to do business with you.
When you’ve done enough to help others they actually WANT to buy from you as well. It’s reciprocity in action. By you helping them when they needed it you’re opening up for them to help you. When they are ready to buy what you have to offer, most of the time they won’t even consider anyone else. You WILL be their choice.

And don’t forget about the other people involved either…
Those referrals mean the world!
When you aren’t the right choice right now, you can still help connect that person with someone else who can help them. Maybe they need an insurance guy for their business and you connected them with someone you trust. That guy will also remember it. He will subconsciously be looking out for clients who might be a good fit for you as well.

And lastly…
They want to help you out as well.
It opens up the doors to them asking you the same question and being there to help you. Maybe they have a connection you need. Maybe they know of a group of people who need your services. It might even open up the connection with your next mentor. You never know!

Remember, it’s not about making the sale immediately. If it happens, awesome! But, most of the time it’s going to take time for them to Know, Like & Trust you. Start thinking about how you can help more people and you’ll get the help you need in the process.

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