3 Reasons Why You DO Need To Carry Business Cards

You NEED To Carry Business Cards!Technology is awesome. The ability to connect with someone on LinkedIn or Facebook while right in front of them is amazing. There is, however, something to be said about just having an old fashion business card that works when our super cool smart phones don’t.

There’s a new breed of people out there who think business cards are a thing of the past and refuse to carry them. They think it’s a waste of paper and doesn’t do them any good. Well, I’m here to tell you they are still VERY important and here’s why…

It helps people remember you better
Have you ever been at an event and it was really hard to hear someone’s name when they told you? I’ve been there many times. Maybe they have an odd name that’s harder to pronounce? Yup, had that happen several times too.

By giving someone your card, you’re actually making it easier for them to remember your name (and even pronounce it!)

More people are visual than auditory so hearing a name is good but many times it just doesn’t sink in. Seeing it, however, helps cement it in our brain so we have a much easier time remembering it.

Make it easy for someone and hand them a card that’s easy to read so they can “see” your name and you’ll leave a much longer impression.

You can use the back as a lead generation tool
For years I’ve had a small promo on the back of my business cards encouraging anyone who has my card to take action by grabbing one of my free reports. It’s a great way for someone who’s interested to have a “safe” way to find out more without feeling pressured and someone who might be a good referral source a way to get a taste of what I offer.

I’ve done this for years and it’s been my #1 way to get people on my list. If you’re a networker like I am you should know that just adding someone you meet to your list is a huge “No-no” and is one of the quickest ways to burn a relationship before it even gets started.

Well, this is the perfect way to let people raise their hand and take their own action to learn more. They can add them selves to your list (of course it’s in exchange for VERY valuable stuff!)

I’ve got a ton of great responses from this and it makes it easy for me to share what I’ve got with the people who are interested without annoying those who aren’t.

It let’s people follow up when they are ready
Nothing drives me nuts more than asking someone for their card and finding out they don’t don’t carry them. I once had someone I wanted to connect with so I could refer business to him. When I asked for his card, his response was “I don’t carry business cards. You can just Google me.”

Well, within about 2 minutes I had completely forgotten his name and therefore Google wasn’t much help.

Don’t make it hard for someone to do business with you. That 5 Cent business card could be the single bit of paper that makes the difference between getting a new sale and being the “who was that guy I met last night” guy.

There are several people who disagree with me about this one. I’m ok with that. You wanna know why?…

I can’t remember their names so it really doesn’t matter!


So… Business cards are one of the most inexpensive ways to market your business. By giving someone a business card, they can check out your website, email you, call you and even sign up for your lead magnet if you do it right.

It’s the easiest way to give someone the ability to follow up with you and find out more about you and your products.

Don’t make it hard for them. That little piece of paper could be worth 1000s to you


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