Who Are You Collaborating With?

Who Are You Collaborating With?

Collaboration creates some of the best business deals in the world. Think about Coke getting their soda into McDonalds, Gatorade & the NFL or, my personal favorite, Starbuck’s Inside of Barnes & Noble (Two of my favorite things…books & coffee!)

There are hundreds of these types of collaborations going on all over the world. It’s cross promotion and adding more value at it’s finest when two (or more) companies can work together to serve their customers better.

I’ve done this my entire career but just this last week it’s come up a lot again with the launch of my new course “How To Become A Networking Rockstar To Grow Your Business” on the Udemy Platform. I’ve been getting amazing responses with the course (over 700 students signed up in under a week) and by adding the collaboration piece to it, I’m adding more value to all the time. Let’s explain how…

First off, I included a bonus module called “Rockstar Networker Interviews” and I’m Interviewing other people who use Networking to connect and grow their business. Those interviews are being added to the course as bonus materials for my students.

It’s a win for everyone.

  • I get more content for my course (adding more value)
  • The person I interview gets exposure to my students which they most likely wouldn’t have any other way
  • The student wins because they get more value from the class overall. They get to learn more stuff and hear someone else’s take on how they are using networking.

Everyone wins and we all have a blast in the process.

Second, I’m using the Udemy platform instead of my own for this course. They have a built in market place already and have a great infrastructure in place. PLUS…they have a ton of other instructors I can connect with. One I’ve already connected with also has a course in networking. Well, I’m meeting with her this week to see how we can help each other and maybe cross promote each other’s course. It’s NOT competition, it’s collaboration. I know she’ll have stuff I don’t know or do and vice versus. We can be stronger together and it will help both of us along with all of our students.

Here’s how that benefits everyone:

  • I get access to a much bigger list of potential students
  • Udemy gets a piece of every sale
  • Students can easily find my course and if it’s right for them the platform makes it easy for them to learn the materials faster

Third, I’m participating in the groups and instructor communities. This is another huge plus for a couple of reasons. First, like above, I’m getting in front of other instructors to collaborate. I’m also getting students from the connections as well. It’s helping grow my social media presence AND it’s already got me locked in to being a guest for another instructor’s course, 1 live panel, and 2 more we’re working on right now.

All, just because I started contributing and focusing on adding value to everyone involved.

In the last week I’ve:

  • launched my new course (adding over 700 students to the class)
  • Spoke on 2 Podcasts
  • Booked 4 more podcast/radio interviews
  • Booked 2 more guests for my own podcast
  • Written 2 articles
  • And an working on locking in my next live event (yes in person even!)

Most of this all around the world of collaboration. I couldn’t have done any of it without the other people I’ve been meeting along the way. With their help, this year is taking off pretty well and I’m looking forward to the next few months!

So, who are you collaborating with? Remember it’s a “win-win-win” you’re looking for.

  • You win by growing your business
  • Your new partner wins by growing their business
  • And most importantly…you customer wins because they get even better value from both of you!

With that, I’m off to answer an email that just came in from someone I met last year wanting to know if she can help me with a couple of things I’ve got going on. How cool is that! I didn’t even ask!!!!!


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