4 Great Ways To Come Up With Content Your Tribe Will Love – YMU Update July 21st 2014

How To ?never Get Stuck Coming Up With ContentWe know we’re supposed to blog, shoot videos, guest on podcasts, etc, but we also tend to get writer’s block from time to time and run into that “I don’t know what to say” dilemma that comes up from time to time. Today I wanted to share four ways you can come up with great content that your tribe will love quickly and without spending hours starting at a blank screen.

What Questions Do People Ask You All The Time?
This is what I like to call “Low Hanging Fruit” when it comes to coming up with things to share. People are asking you questions related to your business all the time.

Stop and think about those questions. Can you turn those into blog posts or short 2 minute videos that your prospects and clients would get value from?

This one actually gets a two-fold result for you. First, it gives you great stuff that will show your expertise. Since you’re answering a question that’s already in the mind of your prospect, you’re already in the right place to them and they will think you know how to read their mind.

Second, when the next person asks the question you can direct them to your site for the answer. There’s nothing better than being able to say “That is an awesome question and I get it all the time. In fact, I wrote a blog post on that exact topic that you should check out.”

It shows that not only are they not alone in wondering the answer to that question but also that you’ve given them a resource that they can come back to giving them a step by step answer.

What Going On In The News
Now, I don’t use this one as much as I should but it’s super powerful if you do it correctly.

What’s the hot topic in the news. It’s great if it’s related to your industry but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you can put out a new take on a totally different topic, it can be even more powerful.

Here’s one example that I did that had amazing results and a ton of buzz…
The night after the Grammys last year, I wrote an article about “4 Killer Marketing Lessons From Watching The Grammys”

I shared a few things that I saw the performers do through out the night that really made an impact and made them stand out. Then I turned those actions into marketing lessons that any entrepreneur can take and run with for their own business.

This one was a lot of fun to write and it was a VERY popular post.
Lessons In Everyday Life
Ever watch a child try to convince their parents to buy them that new toy or a piece of candy? That alone is a HUGE marketing lesson depending on if the kid just whines and fusses or if they get creative. I’ve seen kids cone to their parents with a plan, smooth talking them into the sale. It’s a pretty awesome experience to watch at times. Honestly, I’ve even seen kids that are so good at it I wanted to buy them the toy in the end.

I’ve turned that into marketing lessons for our students before to teach them the difference on how you ask for the sale.

What do you see in everyday life that you can turn into a lesson or topic for your business? Watch your kids, watch your pets (great teachers by the way), watch the people at the local coffee shop. You can learn a lot and with a little creativity you can turn that into a great topic for your next article or video.

Mistakes You See All The Time
Do you ever have one of those slap on the forehead moments?
I get them a lot when I’m driving down the road actually. I see how others are marketing on billboards, what the signs on the doors say, etc.

I’ve got a ton of ammunition to use to come up with things people are doing that are just plain silly wrong in their business.

Now, I do try not to call them out by name and embarrass them but I do use those as topics to share of things “not to do” in your business.

I hear horror stories all the time from other business owners on things that they did and how it failed. Those are great stories for me to share with you, my reader, to help you not make the same mistakes.

Do you ever have clients that came to you because of a bad experience from another vendor? How can you turn that into a lesson for others? What should they know BEFORE they hand over their hard earned cash and how can you ensure that they are educated to make the best decision possible for them. (Of course, hopefully that’s by using your services instead of the guy down the street).

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to coming up with things to say on your blogs posts, guest articles, videos, etc. There’s a world full of things you can use to come up with amazing content that your audience will love. You just have to watch the world around you and see what shows up. If you’re paying attention it will.

If this gave you a few great ideas, I’d love to have you join me this Thursday for my “Creating Unlimited Content & Spreading Your Message Like Wildfire” Live Virtual Class where I’ll be sharing even more ways for you to not only come up with more ideas for your content marketing but also the tools I use to store all those idea in.

With that, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this stuff. Be sure to leave a comment below and I hope to see you on this week’s live training.

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