If You Build It They Will Come…

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WT01-Branded-16 The thought is that if you have a website, you have done what you need to for your business. Everyone says you need a website. So you pay to have one built or you learn to build one yourself. And then your business website is born.

Then you wait. You wait for the magic to happen. The magic happens now…right?

“They” forget to tell you that the magic doesn’t come from simply having a website. You have to actually get people to look at it. People have to SEE the site. They have to SEE what you can do for them. They have to see the site so they can understand why you are the best choice.

The old myth of “If you build it they will come” only works on the movies. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet. More go up each day. Unless you tell people yours is there it will simply get lost in cyberspace.

It is like going to Disneyland on a sold out day, choosing a place to stand and then waiting for your family to find you. It is highly unlikely they will succeed. And even if they do it will take hours.

In your business you would like to see results now. You don’t want to wait days, months or even years. I see businesses take their websites down each day because it “doesn’t work”. Unfortunately most of the time I don’t even know they have a site until I see the announcement that they are taking it down.

So what is the solution?

You must TELL people you have a site!

You need to add the link to your business cards. You need to add the link to flyers and brochures you create.

In each of your social media accounts edit the the settings and fill in the spot that asks for your website address. Most accounts will make this a link that your followers or friends can click.

Then you can share pages from your website in your posts on your social media. If you do videos mention your website address in the videos.

In other words everywhere and anywhere you can put the link to your website, put it there. Your link should be all over the place. Look critically at all of your marketing pieces and place your website address somewhere on all of it.

This will let people know you have a site. It will encourage them to go to the site to learn more about you and your business. This will make your website a marketing tool for your business rather than simply a business expense.

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About The Author:
Cindy ClemensCindy Clemens is a mom, Best Selling author, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, marketing consultant and Co-Founder of Your Marketing University. Her goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.