What is a hosting account anyway…?

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WT01-Branded-13 If you are getting ready to create a website then you may have heard of hosting. Or if you hire someone new to work on your website for you they may ask you for login information for your hosting company. Most people, even people with a website don’t know what a hosting company or hosting account is.

The easiest way to think of hosting is to look at it like office space for your website. Your website is made up of files. Depending on how big your site is it may be made up of hundreds of files. Those files need to sit somewhere. That is where your hosting account comes in.

A hosting company sets up servers. These are computers that are set up for the purpose of storing the files that make up your website. Most servers hold many websites on each one. The computers are usually stored in a facility called a data center.

Data centers have tools in place to monitor the servers, keep them cool and keep them up and running as much of the time as possible.

Your hosting company will either be one of the data centers or it may be a company for pays for space in a data center. It can also be someone who is running servers directly in their business location or even their home.

So the domain name or website address of your website is like your mailing address for offline mail. Your hosting account is like your storefront where the actual business activities happen. You need both of these things to have a functioning website.

Your domain name may be part of your hosting company and you may pay the same company for these items. Or they may be from two separate companies.

When someone opens their laptop or desktop computer or even their phone and uses the internet to go to your website, what they are actually doing is connecting to that server that holds your website files.

As a business person and the owner of a website you should have a basic knowledge of the terminology around your website. This will help you know how to talk to people you hire to work on your site and communicate with them more effectively.

It helps you be more in control of your business and your website.


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