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WT01-Branded-06 Have you ever gone to a website, clicked on their upcoming events link and seen events from 3 years ago? Or maybe you click on their contact us page and see notes about them being closed on a date last month.

Have you ever looked at a blog and seen no dates on any posts since March 2012? We have all seen these sites. The ones that look like someone forgot about them. The sites that look like the owner hasn’t looked at it in months, maybe years.

Is your site like this?

Does your site still say “Copyright 2006” in the footer? Or do you still have coming soon on pages that have been live for a year?

It happens. Time flies by and next thing we know there are old posts, outdated pages and we have forgotten to post a new blog post in who knows how long.

Unfortunately these oversights are costing you money.

People see these things and in the back of their mind they are wondering if you are still in business. They are wondering if maybe you are only working part time. They are wondering if you will be as behind on the services they are thinking of hiring you for as you are on your website.

In our personal lives we shower regularly, do the dishes, wash our clothing and generally clean house on a regular basis. Our website needs to be cleaned, polished and updates just like our home and ourselves.

If you have “Coming Soon” pages consider not posting them at all until they are ready to go. If you have a wordpress based site you can create the pages and leave them in draft mode until you are ready to post them. This will help remind you each time you login that you have pages you still need to work on.

If you are not ready to post on a regular basis, at least once a month, to a blog then wait to add one to your new site. Or if you had great intentions and added one but never posted to it, consider temporarily removing it from your menus until you are ready to devote more time to it.

Once a year log in and update the copyright dates on all of your sites. This can be kind of like Spring cleaning only in January. Add an appointment on your calendar to do this on January 5th and set it to be an annual appointment so it automatically repeats. Then login and update the date. You can event make it say “Copyright 2006 – 2014” if you want so it shows visitor just how long you have had the site. Just be sure to be honest 🙂

You can even put directions in the appointment notes on how to make the change. Since you are only changing this once a year it can be easy to forget how to make the change. You can add directions in the appointment to help you remember. You can even have the appointment be to email your web manager to ask them to make the change.

Set appointments to help you remember when you need to write more blog posts. Write them in bunches and then schedule them to post on your blog so you are not constantly worried about it. If you plan on posting once a month, spend one day and write 6 posts. Then add them in your blog scheduling them to post on specific days once a month. That way in one day you have 6 months worth of posts done. Then add an appointment to your calendar on 5 months to stop and do it again. This way you will always be ahead of the game.

Keeping your website up to date and making it appear as though you are making the needed updates and changes on a regular basis will help instill quiet confidence in your potential customers. They will see you as on top of things and current in your business endeavors.

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About The Author:
Cindy ClemensCindy Clemens is a mom, Best Selling author, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, marketing consultant and Co-Founder of Your Marketing University. Her goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.