You Have 3 Seconds To Get Their Attention

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WT01-Branded-02 The world is moving faster than ever before. Every second hundreds of posts are added to social media sites, hundreds of blog posts go live and hours and hours of video is created. There is more to see, do and read right now than in all of history combined leading to this minute.

This means we do not have as much time to spend on each thing we want to read or watch each day. We are busy. We need to know what what we are looking at will give us what we want quickly.

What does this mean to you as a content creator? It means you have 3 seconds. Yep, 3 seconds, that’s all you have to grab someone’s attention and let them know that the page on your website they have landed on is going to have the information they are looking for.

People will not stay on the page and dig through the menu looking for what they want. We all know that there are hundreds of sites online that contain the information we are after. This means that if the site we land on first does not immediately show us what we want, we have other choices readily available.

As a website owner or blogger this means you need to have the most important information right up front. Your headline needs to be well thought out and grab the attention of the person landing on your site.

If you have images on each post (which you should) those images need to impart what the post is about or cause interest to read the words to see how the image applies.

When you are formatting a page on your site you need to do things to draw the reader’s attention. Adding bold lines, color to emphasize specific points, using bullet points on lists, and other formatting tools can cause information to stand out. It helps the reader see items of interest easily and makes them want to read more.

When someone lands on your site it is because they are looking for something. They most likely did a search and your page was one of the options given to them. You need to make sure that your site lives up to the search results. Make sure it is very obvious what the page is about.

A clear headline, a solid photo and well written content will help make sure people find what they are looking for. A clear and clean menu system will also help direct people through your site.

If you refer to a tool or another page of your site in your content be sure to link to that content right in the text. If your content says “Call me for information” link to your contact page which contains your phone number.

If your content refers to a service or product you provide link to a page with all of the details about that service and how they can buy if interested.

If you have a video make sure the video gets right to the point. Don’t have a long intro and a bunch of “opening” content. Quickly get right to the content so people are not frustrated waiting to hear what they are after.

Three seconds can be an eternity or it can be a millisecond. Your job is to use that 3 seconds to pull the visitor in and give them exactly what they are looking for.


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About The Author:
Cindy ClemensCindy Clemens is a mom, Best Selling author, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, marketing consultant and Co-Founder of Your Marketing University. Her goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.