The Wallflower Doesn’t Get The Sale

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Networking I’m an introvert by nature. I am perfectly comfortable sitting in a corner and just people watching most of the time.

Though it’s pretty entertaining, if you want to get more sales and connect with potential clients and referral partners, then you need to stand up and talk to more people.

Growing up, most of us were taught to talk only when spoken to and to not talk to strangers. That’s great when we’re 10 and worried about “stranger danger” but when you’re in the business world, you’ve got to get yourself out there and not be afraid to start a conversation with a complete stranger.

Have you ever been at a business event and met two people who sell the same basic thing? I’m sure you have. I’ve even been in rooms where there’s 5-6 people selling the same type of thing. Networking marketing, insurance sales, real estate, financial planning, etc. It’s not uncommon for us to meet several people in any of these industries at any given event.

What makes one stand out more than the next? They all sell the same basic services and products, right?

What makes you want to do business with one over another?

Usually, it’s their personality. Most of the time, the one who stands out, gets in front of more people and talks, maybe they share a tip with the group, etc. No matter what it is they are doing, it’s the one who gets up and shares that makes the biggest impression.

If you just stand there and don’t talk to people or are the quiet one, you’re not giving the impression of confidence in your products and services.

Let’s face it, you may be better than them. You might have more training or been in business twice as long as them, but if they stand out more and really shine in front of people, they are more likely to get more people asking them questions and wanting to know more.

Now, for those of you who are shouting… “But that’s not me. People should come to me because I have so many more years of experience!” Guess what… No one knows that. I know a guy that’s in insurance who’s been in business for many (and I do mean MANY MANY) years. Yet, he doesn’t give me the feeling of confidence he actually knows what he’s doing. He’s kind of negative and most of the time he’s a pretty quiet guy.

When compared to others in the same room every week but come up talking about the latest and greatest things available, he just doesn’t shine and I honestly don’t feel comfortable trusting him to do the best job for me.

Now, I’m not talking about having to be a professional speaker and getting in front of hundreds of people to give a presentation. I’m talking about stepping up in a crowd of 5 people and talking to them. Share your thoughts and knowledge with them. Don’t be afraid of them. They are in the same boat as you and the best thing is chances are they don’t know 10% as much as you about your given craft.

The next time you find yourself being quiet and hiding in a corner at an event, go find one new person you don’t know and introduce yourself to them.

You never know, they just might be your next client!

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About The Author:
Ely DelaneyEly Delaney is a dad, Best Selling author, speaker, marketing consultant, Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Founder/CEO of Your Marketing University. His goal is to teach marketing in a simple easy to understand format businesses can use to help gain marketing ideas & market their businesses to boost sales.

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