Want Prospects To Know How You Can Help Them? Educate Them!

Marketing-Tips-47 This may seen like a simple thing to remember, but the mass majority of business owners I see get this one all wrong.

What is education marketing anyway? It’s about educating your prospects to see you as the expert in your industry and how you can help them solve the problem they have.

Sounds pretty simple, right? But here’s where so many go wrong. It’s NOT about showing how awesome you are, how many awards you’ve won or how many years you’ve been in business down their throats.

It’s about education. Remember, show and tell? Well most people tell but you should be showing them.

Show them the things they need to know before hiring their next landscaper or what the top 5 questions they should be asking before hiring a CPA.

Give them tips, tricks and resources that will help make their lives easier.

Remember, no one likes to be sold to. They don’t want someone to push them into a sale. We should be pulling them in with great tools that will help them out along the way.

This can be in the form of articles giving them short tips and tricks or it can be a series of videos answering the top 10 questions you get asked all the time.

These are all tools to show them you’ve got a lot of value to add and are there to help them.

The best part is that you aren’t trying to push them into buying. You’re providing value and they will see you as the expert. You’re the one looking out for them before they even make decision of who to spend their money with.

I’m sure you’ve seen the free reports, webinars, audio recordings, etc that you can download for free. That’s all those things are.

Now of course, some people still don’t get it and they put out junk just to get an email address. I’m not condoning that in any way.

Be sure to put out something of value.

This should be information that you could actually sell. Make it really worth their time and show that you really have something to offer.

Remember to educate them. It’s all about teaching your prospect how to become an “Informed Consumer”. Help them out and share your valuable information with them to get them to see you as a trusted friend, not a pitchy salesman.

This is one of the most simple things that anyone can implement in their business to make a shift quickly for the the better. What can you change in your marketing to educate your prospects instead of pitching them? This one shift will go a long way to your success.

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