Is YOUR Brand As Memorable As Your Company’s brand?

Marketing-Tips-43With the growth of social media and Internet celebrities, personal branding has overtaken the image or corporate branding. Your brand isn’t a logo and a catchy tag line any more.

It’s all about your entire image, attitude and actions. More so than the past days of corporate branding.

Think about some of today’s top brand. The people that are making the difference and getting the most publicity.

Apple is a great example of this. Apple’s core success is based around Steve Jobs’ vision. He was the spokesman for the company and when you thought of the company, you thought of him. HE lead the branding of the company. The logo is great, but that’s not what really stood out for the company.

Today you need a brand that people can relate to. The general public doesn’t care about an image of a big corporation in their glass towers. In fact, people don’t trust that image any more. They trust the guy that you can listen to, talk to and share your feedback with.

That’s what makes a brand in today’s era.

So what does your personal brand stand for?

What does that look like for you?

If you don’t have one, here’s a primer to get going quickly.

What’s your personality like? The most important thing in everything you do is to be authentic. If you’re a bit on the obnoxious side, run with it. Let that come out in your image. If you fake something you’re not, people will see right through it and that can actually hurt your image more than anything else.

What really stand out for you? What’s important? Share those things. Make it part of your brand as well.

Here’s a great example… I’m a dog lover. My dogs are a big part of my life. So, I let people know that. I share things about the dogs and talk about them. Other Dog lovers grab onto that and really connect with me on a much bigger scale.They are more likely to follow what I do and of course, if they have a needs for my programs, they tend to be more likely to buy them.

What does being a dog person have to do with my expertise or my abilities to provide a great service? Absolutely nothing! But… we have affinity. Something in common and THAT can easily be the things that tips the scales in my favor.

People don’t always buy because someone is the best or has the most experience. They buy because they know, like and trust someone. It’s the KLT Factor.

That is why your hobbies, interests, core values, etc all are important aspects to your marketing.

Stop and create a profile of yourself. What’s your personal brand look like? Really define it. Don’t leave out the things that are important to you but you think no one else will care about. Many times, those can actually be your best selling points.

And of course, embrace it fully. Don’t wimp out on this. Really take control of it and have fun. Be yourself and be it fully!

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