Do As I Say AND As I Do

Marketing-Tips-33As a kid, do you remember the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Well, that doesn’t cut it any more. People need to be led by example in order to take someone seriously. They need to see that you not only have the knowledge to be the expert but you need to show them that you can walk the talk.

This is a lesson that all of us need to come back to from time to time. We all get sucked in to life and distracted from our main focus in our businesses. That’s normal, but if you want to develop your skills as a true leader (to your employees or your clients), you need to walk the talk.

One of the best things you can do is think of the the topics that you share to educate your clients, and go through the steps with them. Give them examples of how you’ve used those same steps to have success in your own journeys.

As an example, as someone that reaches marketing, I share examples of things I’ve done in my own business that had great results. I shared the step by step process I created and used. Then I show them how they can use the same steps in their own businesses.

No matter what industry you’re in, you should be doing the same.

Think about what you are telling your clients. What actions should they be taking? Ar you taking the same actions you are telling them.

Think of it like this…

Would you trust a personal trainer that says you need to stop drinking soda while downing a cola? It’s a huge disconnect.

I see this a lot. Here’s a great example. I’ve known a couple of health coaches that were passionate about what they did. Problem was that they didn’t look healthy. In fact, they looked like death warmed over.

Now I’m sure they knew their stuff, but if someone looks sickly and gives you a regiment to becoming healthy, you’re not likely to trust them completely.

It’s just a fact. If you want to get people to trust you, you have to be congruent on everything you do. You have to act the part.

Actually… you have to BE the part.

Only then will you get people to see you as the expert you are and to trust you as the authority in your field.

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