Become A Super Star One Minute At A Time Using Video

Marketing-Tips-31 You may have heard that video is the wave of the future.

Well, it’s not. It’s here now and if you’re not using video in your marketing, your missing the boat.

It’s easier than ever to create videos you can use for your marketing and become known as the expert in your industry without spending a fortune.

Today’s smart phones are a great tool you can use to quickly shoot short HD videos you can post on your website, share on YouTube, etc. This is a perfect way to get your face and your product out there quickly.

Here’s a great way to get a bunch of videos done all at once:

First, make a list of the top 20 tips you have related to your industry. It might be related to how to use your product better or it might be an educational term. Something simple and educational is the key. What questions do people ask you all the time? What questions should people be asking? Share a quick example or case study. Keep it simple and something you can answer quickly on your video.

Get someone to record you spending 1-2 minutes talking about the topic. Remember, we’re not selling here, just educating.

Record all twenty of them back to back. You should be able to knock them out in about 30 minutes or so. Remember, they are 1-2 minutes each. Don’t make them very long. Just fast and educational.

You shouldn’t need to do much editing with them, maybe trim the front and back of each clip. This can even be done with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

Now, you can use these videos on YouTube, share them via email links, post them on your blog, etc. Just post them once a week.

Think of your videos as your own mini TV show. People will see you talking and connect with you more. They will feel like they know you, even if they’ve never met you before.

Your videos will work 24/7 to help you create authority in your industry and people will see you as the leading expert.

Think about it…

Who is known as the expert? The person who just has an office or the one who is being interviewed on TV and radio? They may both have the same credentials, but the one on TV wins.

Yes, being on TV is great, but start by creating your own short videos. It’s fast and easy to do.

Once your videos go online, be sure to share them out. Post them on your social media sites. Email your prospects and clients letting them know about the video and what they will learn by watching each one.

Also, be sure to remind them to share your video as well. Let them share it with their friends and family as well. You’ll get an extra boost and might end up with an extra client just because of someone watching a single video shared by their friend.

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