Are You Breaking The Law?

Marketing-Tips-48 Since you are a good marketer you email your list. You send out a newsletter at least once a month. And if you are really good you send one out once a week.

But are you breaking the law every time you send it? If you are still using your Outlook or your Gmail or maybe even Mozilla Thunderbird to send out your newsletter to the 100 people you send it to, then you are most likely breaking the law each time you send it out.

We all know that spam is annoying. But many people don’t realize that there is more than one definition of spam and that there are actual laws in place to help keep the amount of spam down in our email inboxes.

You may have seen emails with addresses at the bottom of them and a link or instructions on how to stop receiving email from these people. Many small businesses don’t want to put a way to get off their list in their emails because then those people are gone. But it is actually against the law to send out a bulk email (the same email to multiple people) and not offer a way for them to stop getting the emails.

It is also against the law to send out these emails without an address in them. The people who made the laws want you to show an address so someone could send a letter to you asking to be removed if all else failed.

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to put their address in their emails because it is their home address since they don’t have a storefront. In that case I recommend getting a P.O. Box. Or you can go to a UPS Store location and get a box. Those locations actually give you an address that looks like a location rather than a P.O. Box type of address even though they function the same.

If you get caught not having these items in your bulk emails it is a $1000 fine for each instance where it is missing. So if you send a newsletter to 100 people and don’t put a way to get off the list or an address in each email, the fine can be $200,000.

If you use an email service provider such as iContact or InfusionSoft to send your bulk emails they will automatically place these things in your emails. They do this to protect you and to protect them and your readers.

There are also other reasons for using one of these services instead of your computer email program. These services deliver emails better and more of your emails are likely to end up in someone’s inbox rather than their junk email box.

But the key is to be sure you are including an address and a way to stop getting emails from you. If you choose to have someone email you to be removed from the list, be sure you remove them. They have done their part, now you must do yours.

People have been taught to look for the ability to unsubscribe from emails they no longer want. They will scroll through your email looking for the option. If they do not find it they will report the email as spam to their email provider. This is bad for you since it is a black mark on your email address. Get enough of these black marks and your email will be blocked as a spammer by all of the services and all of your emails will be returned as undeliverable.

It is better to lose a subscriber than it is to lose your ability to send any emails at all. And the fines are no laughing matter if you get caught. So follow the laws, include the required items and make sure you are sending good useful information out to your list and you should be good to go.

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