Are You Speaking Geek?

Marketing-Tips-46 Do you know what Geek Speak is? You may have heard the term used to describe the way computer people talk. It refers to the way some of them talk in all of the jargon of their industry which no one who is not in that industry understands.

Based on that definition you may have realized it could apply to many situations and industries. Financial planners have their own Geek Speak. Lawyers also have Geek Speak, they just call if legal jargon. Even massage therapists have their own geek speak.

And in your business you do as well. I know you may be sure you don’t. Your business is different. You are careful and there is nothing hard or complicated about what you do, so you don’t have geek speak.

I can assure you that you do have geek speak. Whether you realize it or not. Remember our definition “using words to explain something in your industry that is not used in another industry and no one not in the industry truly understands.”.

When you go to a networking event, people will generally ask you what you do. Depending on your industry and how long you have been doing what you do, there is generally at least one word or statement of geek in your answer. Think about it.

Imagine you have a 10 year old son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc standing in front of you. They ask you what you do. How would you explain it to them? Still short and sweet. But so that they will truly understand what you do. So they will know how you help your clients.

Would you use the same words you use at networking events? No…

Then you are speaking Geek. It is that simple. You are using industry specific words. We do this because we are so immersed in our world, in what we do that we forget. We forget that the rest of the world doesn’t speak those words each and every day like we do.

Auto people do it, Accountant people do it, even Landscapers do it. We all have our own industry language. There is nothing wrong with it. The key is to not use it with potential clients. Use the definitions of those words. Educate your prospect and your client so they too learn the correct terms.

Then everyone is better off. Just consider the way you are telling people what you do. That first explanation may be the reason you are not converting more prospects to clients. People do not want to feel uneducated. Most people will not ask. They will nod and let you keep talking. But in their head they are tuning you out. They are trying to determine what the word you used means.

Using clear, concise explanations without industry Geek Speak will make everyone more comfortable. Which leads to more sales. Which is ultimately what we want in our business.

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