What Are You Offending Your Prospects?

Marketing-Tips-44 Do you know who your target audience is in your business? Do you know more about them than just their gender or their age bracket? You should. Without a more indepth understanding of who your target audience is, you may offend them and send them running to your competition without realizing it.

Entrepreneurs are also people. We have lives outside of our businesses. We have families, friends, hobbies and opinions. We are our personal political beliefs and spiritual ones. The question is should we be sharing those in the open setting of social media.

Before you post one of your personal opinions to any social media site stop and think. Close your eyes and imagine you are on a stage in front of a podium with a bunch of microphones attached to it. You know, like a big press conference you may have seen on television. The stage is set in the largest stadium that ever existed. And it is filled to standing room only.

All of the people there are waiting to hear what you have to say. You don’t know them. You don’t know their deepest, fears, their biggest dreams, their history. You don’t know if they have family serving in our military. You don’t know if their grandparents were persecuted in World War II, You don’t know if they have lost loved ones during a tragedy.

Now think about what you are about to say to them. What are you going to post or share with them on the big screens surrounding you. Will your words hurt them? Will your words insult them? Will your words make them rejoice? Or will your words make them stop and think?

The answer to these questions need to be considered before each thing is posted. We need to stop and think. Would we say those words to the face of a grieving mother? Would we insist we are right to an angry father or a scared child?

Then based on your answers decide if you should still post it. I am not saying you should not post it. It is up to you. It is up to you if you are okay with your personal answers to those questions. But you must ask them. You must stop and think and ask the questions, determine your answers and then make your choice.

Be aware that depending on your answers and your decisions from that point forward, you may lose clients. You may not get that new customer that was on the fence because of what you choose to post. Someone who has been recommending you to their friends may stop when they see your personal opinions on certain matters.

Whether it is fair or not does not matter. Whether it should be that way or not doesn’t matter. Social media is like a press conference you have called. The press is lined up waiting to hear what you have to say. They will then make their decisions about you based on what you share with them.

This is the reality we live in during our social media obsessed lives. If you are not okay with that…then keep your opinions to yourself. If you would not look that mother in the eyes and say what you think, then do not post it online. If you would not insist you are right to that scared child, then do not post that online. If you would never show that photo to your grandmother, then do not share it with mine.

Posting on social media is like announcing your thoughts in a sold-out stadium. Make sure you want it known to the entire world before posting. And be sure you are okay with any consequences that will happen because of your choice.

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