Are You Using Both Online And Offline Followup? Offline Is Still There…

Marketing-Tips-40 Everywhere we turn people are talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. They tell us we need a blog. They insist we need to be posting videos on places like YouTube and Vimeo. Then there is all of the email we all get and send everyday.

We are learning how to do webinars and watching videos to learn how to have our calendars online as well. A website is pretty much a given when you are starting a business. Sometimes we check for domain names before we officially settle on the name of our new venture.

Depending on who you talk to they will make it sound like ads on Facebook or Google are the only ways to advertise a business in the modern world.

Consider this a reminder…the offline world is still there.

Everyone has been so busy with the online world they have practically forgotten about the offline world. So as a result the offline world has become much less competitive when trying to get your message heard.

Recently the U.S. Postal Service announced that they will no longer be delivering mail on Saturdays. In all of our memories we have always had mail delivery Monday thru Saturday and suddenly we will lose a whole day of mail delivery.

The reason? In 2003 there were 50-billion pieces of mail delivered. That isn’t packages, just plain mail. But in 2012 there were only 21-billion pieces of mail delivered. So in less than 10 years mail being sent has dropped by more than 50%. It is no longer cost effective for them to deliver mail 6 days a week.

What does this have to do with your business? Everything!

This says that the competition for a prospect’s attention is 50% lower than it was 10 years ago. That is HUGE! If you do all of the math that equals roughly 2 pieces of mail per week per person for each person in the U.S.

I know, I got more than that too. But I have to admit I have noticed less mail. There have been days when i go to check and am not sure if they haven’t come by yet or I didn’t get any mail that day.

Depending on your business all of those offline marketing tactics you used to use. Those ones you stopped using over time as you went more and more online. They still work. Sending a postcard. Sending a thank you note. Sending a letter. Especially a hand written letter or card, or at least something that looks like it might have been created just for that individual person. All of these things still work.

They never stopped working. We just forgot about them or stopped using them when we transitioned to a more online world. We may have felt we were no longer getting the response we used to get when we sent out a card, so we stopped sending them and started sending emails instead.

The truth is offline works. And it is even more powerful when used in connection with your online marketing. Sending a postcard that sends them to a page online with a video of you sharing a tip or idea. Sending a letter thanking them for their business and offering a free bonus for registering their purchase online. These things are even more powerful because they work together to give your prospect or customer a more rounded experience.

Offline feels more personal. We all know it takes more effort to send a letter than it does to send an email. You have to write the letter, print it (if it is types on a computer), address the envelope, place a stamp and place it in a mail box. With an email we get to skip most of those steps. And a letter costs us money, not much, but it does. So it feels more special, more thoughtful than a quick email.

So take a look at your current follow up process. Does it consist of a bunch of emails? Consider adding in a card just thanking them for joining your list. Then a couple of months later, maybe send a postcard with a free bonus.

You will be amazed how much more interaction you will get from your current customers and your prospects when you add offline marketing tactics to your follow up with them.

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