Everyone Is Not A Target Audience…

Marketing-Tips-38 As someone who teaches others how to market one of the questions I ask people is, “Who is your target market?”. Also it is a good question to ask if you are wanting to refer someone or form a joint venture with them. Once you know exactly the type of people they see as their target market, you are better able to send the right people their way.

Most of the time I get pretty close to the same answer from everyone I ask this question. They tell me that everyone can use their product. Everyone would benefit. Or landscapers will say, everyone with a yard or trees is their target audience.

While in principle this answer may be correct it is not the right way to answer. And it will make marketing your business much harder. It will also mean you have to talk to a ton more people in order to make a sale.

The reason being that if you think everyone is your target audience then you have to talk to everyone to see if they are interested. But if you think women between the ages of 35 and 45 are your potential clients that narrows down the number of people you have to talk to significantly.

The first thing people usually say after that conversation is that they don’t want the people who don’t meet that criteria to not buy because they think you don’t want them as clients. And that could not be further from the truth. We are not marketing by saying if you are a man don’t talk to me. We are simply writing our marketing message with women in mind.

You would have a different message for women between the ages of 35 and 45 who are married with one or more children than you would for a 20 year old bachelor. Or at least your should. Those two people think differently. They want different things. They have different fears. They have different goals. So the same marketing message is not going to appeal to both of them.

And if you try to make your message appeal to both of them it will not appeal to either one of them. By making your message appeal to the woman you at least have a chance of getting her as your client. And you might still get a percentage of the guys too.

No one person, product or service can be everything to everyone. And think about it. We all say we want to help everyone. We want everyone to be our clients. But think realistically. Even if you only count the people who live in your city. If every single one of them called you tomorrow and ordered…you would have a major issue. You would be bogged down for months, maybe even years. You may not even ever be able to fulfill all of those orders.

We think we want everyone, but in reality it just isn’t possible. Isn’t it better to narrow down your target audience to only those people you truly want to work with. The people that make you the happiest. Then leave the other people for other people in your industry.

There are enough customers for everyone. There are six billion people on this planet and growing every single day. You cannot help everyone. But you can help the 20 year old bachelors in college who are looking to buy in the next year. That is a lot more likely to happen than every single person.

So you will have to make less calls and your conversions on sales will automatically go up because your message will match the market you are trying to appeal to. They will be happier. You will be happier. And you will have more business, with less effort.

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