Do Your Actions Match Your Message?

Marketing-Tips-34 Entrepreneurs are people too. And in today’s world we are all way more connected to each other than we have ever been in the history of the world. We see each other through windows into our personal lives via social media, community events and networking gatherings.

So we need to be more aware than ever of the vibe we are putting out in the world. And we need to be sure our actions match our message when it comes to our business. People are watching and they are seeing more than we realize they do.

Have you ever seen your fitness coach who scolds you for the McDonald’s you have for lunch check into Jack in the Box on Foursquare? Or what about a Life Coach that always talks about how rough things are when you see them at a networking event? Or a financial planner that complains about not being able to pay their bills?

Do you see how these actions do not match their message? Do you see how those actions are very noticeable and will cause potential clients to question your knowledge or ability to help them? We don’t want a broke financial planner, or a life coach in crisis. We have enough issues of our own, that is why we go to these people in the first place.

I am not saying that financial planners cannot have money issues. Or that physical trainers can never have a cheeseburger from Burger King. But we don’t need to know about it. We should never see our life coach have a complete breakdown in the middle of a session because they are overwhelmed by their own insecurities. These things can happen, but not where we know about them.

As part of your business and your marketing of that business you need to be living the life you are asking your clients or potential clients to live. At least in the public eyes. We should see the fitness trainer eating well and skipping the donuts are the breakfast networking event. We should see the Financial planner dressed nicely and not in a ratty t-shirt. And the life coach should have a pleasant outlook and when asked how things are going, their answer should be positive.

I am not saying to lie. Just make sure you are living the life you ask others to live. Make sure your message matches your market. Make sure the actions you are posting about on Facebook match the things you asking of your clients. And absolutely don’t be seen doing the opposite. It will get noticed. No matter how sneaky you think you are being, someone will see it.

Think before you check in somewhere about what that place says about you to your current or potential customers. You don’t have to not go there, just think about it before you check in. THink about it before you post a photo on Facebook. What does that photo show, what does it say about you?

Do your actions match your message? People will see and feel if you are not being authentic.

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