Is Your Business Card Actually Helping You Get Business?

Marketing-Tips-32 Is your business card all about you or about what you can do for the person you are handing it to? As entrepreneurs we have business cards, or we should. And we should carry them with us everywhere.

You are thinking, “Everywhere, really? What about the grocery store?”. And the answer is yes, everywhere. I have had conversations at the grocery store while waiting in the checkout line that resulted in someone needing the information on my business card. My partner has given his card to the guy at the drive thru window of a Starbucks. These people were in the process of getting their businesses up and running and we could help…so business cards were given.

I have also been to networking events and been told things like, “I ran out”, “I left them in the car” and “I don’t carry business cards, but I can text you my information”. So I will start by saying that all of these statements should never come out of the mouth of a business owner or entrepreneur. I take business cards when I go hiking. Just a couple, but I always have them. You never know who you might run into.

But the next thing about having a business card is making sure it is useful. And I mean useful to the person you give it to, not useful to you. You already know your name, address, phone number, email, website address, etc. Your business card is not about you. Your business card is about the person you are giving it to.

What I mean is 90% of the stuff people put on a business card is completely useless. Unless your business card can GIVE me something, I don’t care about all of that other stuff.

Here is an example: Independent Distributor. Those words are completely useless. I understand that some network marketing companies require you to have that information on your cards. But others do not. And guess what…we know. We know it is a network marketing company. We don’t need you to tell us. It is completely useless information.

Another example is how many years you have been in business. I am not saying this is not good information. But it goes on your website, not on your business card. A business card has a finite amount of space, every square inch needs to be used to the absolute best it can be.

So look at your card. Is it all about how awesome you are? Is it all about you and who you are? I know it seems like the answer to these questions should maybe be yes, but they are trick questions.

Your business card should have some basic information about you. Your name, your phone number, your email and your website at the minimum. If you have a physical location or you are a Send Out Cards representative then your address may be important.

Something else, especially in today’s world that your business card should have…your photo. A current one, not the headshot taken 10 plus years ago, but a current photo of you. It can be small, but it should be on there. We all meet tons of people. We have stacks of business cards on our desks. Sometimes it is hard to remember where we even got them. But if there is a photo of the person who gave it to us on the card then we remember. We remember you not your card.

The rest of your business card is about the prospect. What is in it for them? What can you do for them? Do you have a free report, checklist, weekly event, video series, or some other freebie they can get to learn more about you and what you have to offer?

THAT should be on your business card. Not how wonderful you are, but what you can do for them. Why should they call you? Why should they remember you?

When they get back to their office and are looking through all of the business cards what should make them look twice at yours? Having the same thing everyone else has on their cards is not going to make you stand out. Especially if you are in network marketing and you have the company issues business card that is identical to every other “Independent Distributor” across the country.

Take out your business card now. Look at it. Is it about you and how wonderful you are, or about me and how you can help me? Depending on the answer, you have a little work to do. And if you don’t have any business cards to take out…well you know what I think of that… 🙂

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