Movie Marketing Lessons – YMU Update March 26th 2012

Movie Marketing Lessons

What You Can Learn From How Movies Are Marketed.

Ever seen a movie that flopped in the theaters yet really was an awesome movie?

It looks like the John Carter movie might be one of those. I haven’t seen it myself yet but a lot of people have said it’s great.
BUT… It’s flopping on sales.

Why is that? It’s their message. Their marketing isn’t resonating with the audience. The trailers aren’t compelling and their marketing isn’t sending the right message.

It’s a great lesson to learn about getting the right message to your audience. When you talk to your prospects, do they say “That’s interesting” or do they say “Wow, that sounds great! Tell me more…”

By just tweaking a few words in your message, you can say the right things and attract the right people to your business and get them raving about you!

Be sure to leave a comment below! When have you seen a business that you found had a great product but the message just didn’t grab your attention? Remember, the world is a stage and you have stand out to make them pay attention.

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Monday Night – “How To Talk To Your Prospects Without Sounding Like A Snake Oil Salesman!”

This week’s Monday Marketing Mania

Are you driving your prospects away from you screaming like they’re in a 70’s zombie B-movie?
So many business professionals today are actually hurting the chance for a sale with every word out of their mouth.
It’s not WHAT you say… It’s HOW you say it.

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