Guest Expert: Therese Skelly

“Guiding clients to make mindset and inner game shifts that rock the bottom line.”

Making the move from a “self-employed” therapist, to now a Business Owner as a Business Coach & Marketing Strategist and Mindset expert, Therese knows first hand the challenges of stepping outside one’s comfort zone to create the life of your dreams.

She has helped hundreds of individuals move past what they thought possible for themselves to realize levels of personal and professional success that they hadn’t dreamed of before.

She does this by moving her clients through mindset blocks, and creating powerful marketing, sales, and business strategies.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for a client to have a session with Therese and walk away with a whole new business model or product offering, because Therese has an uncanny way of seeing profit potential. Why? Because as Therese says, “Your brilliance is in your blind spot…I can help you find it, package it, market it, and monetize it.”

From the newer business owners who want to design a business that serves their life, to the already successful entrepreneurs who want to leverage their time, to the heart-centered visionaries, Therese works with service professionals who have a big desire to make a difference in the world.

Therese is all about being Happy in Business and she walks her talk! If you want more of that, visit her to get a free audio on “Uncovering the 7 Biggest Money Drains in Your Business – Tips and Tactics to Stop Losing Money Each Month.”