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We all know we need to follow up. You meet people at business mixers, conferences, trade shows and even the line for a cup of coffee. Did you know that many of those people are prospects and don’t even know it?

That’s right!

You never know when someone will be truly interested in your products and services. Yet, if they aren’t interested right now, we don’t give them another thought.

Here’s the good part of that problem… no one else does either!

2PercentClub-readyThink about the last time you went to a business event. How many people did you meet? And how many actually followed up with you.

I bet it was a small percentage if anyone at all.

That’s because so many people don’t know how to follow up with their prospects, customers and MOST importantly… other contact that could become prospects and clients.

Did you know that most sales are made on the 6th-12th contact with a person? In today’s ADD world we are all busy. We get hit with over 3000 marketing messages each and every day. We’re also more skeptical of new people. More so than ever before, you have to build more trust with someone before they will not only buy your products but refer you to others.

It’s all about the relationship.

And about that 6-12 contacts… most sales professionals give up after only 3 contacts with a prospect.

That’s right, if you give up after 3 “touches” with a potential customer the next person that come to them with a similar solution is actually more likely to get the sale after you put in the hard work to get them started!


That’s why you need a follow up system.

You need to become a follow up master and stay top of mind to your prospects, clients, referral partners and anyone else that you come across. You never know when someone will be ready to buy or send you a referral.

Got a stack of business card sitting on your desk from the last event you went to?

What if I could show you a system to create a lasting relationship with those people and know that you’re touching base with them each and every month? Even if you get busy and don’t have time to stop.

Discover how to become a Follow Up Master!

The Follow Up Mastery System is the blueprint and exact step by step system I have developed and am using every day to follow up with the 100’s of people that I meet all over in my ventures.

Some are at meetings, some when I’m speaking, some at the local cafe after a great conversation.

The goal is to stay in touch each and every month so I never let someone slip thought the cracks again.

This is the exact system I’m going to share with you!

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up…” – Anthony Robbins

Let’s think about the 6-12 contacts one more time.

By only following up 3 times (Which is still more than most people) you’re just warming up your relationship with a prospect for the next person. You’re hard work pays off for them.

That’s why you need to make it a priority to stay in touch at least once a month with your business contacts and remind them that you’re there to help them. Become a problem solver for them and you’ll become a trusted source.

They will become your raving fans!

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

The Fortune Is In The Follow UpYears ago when I ran my first company, a web & graphic design agency, I was still new to business and really had to learn a lot to get it to take off.

Back then, my follow up system was no where near what it is today. I didn’t even have a system in place yet, but one day something changed that would cause me to really see the power of a successful follow up.

One day I got a call from a prospect about redesigning their website. They didn’t complain about the price but it just wasn’t in their budget yet. I had helped them the best I could but we ended up parting ways because they just weren’t quite ready to take it to the next step.

About a year later I sent out a postcard sharing info about a trade show we were going to be at and inviting everyone to the event. I didn’t mention any specials, discounts or other “buy our stuff” messaging. Just to come by the booth to say high and that I was giving away hockey tickets to a game.

Just a couple of days after sending the postcards I get a call form the prospect that I hadn’t heard form in almost a year. Just three days before they got my postcard, they had received a letter form their previous web guy saying he was going out of business and that they had 30 days to find someone new or lose everything.

Talk about timing!

Today, that client is still with us and not only have they paid us every month from the beginning but a couple of years ago they came back to have us design a second website for a another company of theirs.

All from one postcard and a bad follow up system!

Imagine what could have happened had I had an actual system in place.

That’s why I created my own follow up system. This is the system that had helped me stay in touch with 100’s of people from all over the world to build relationships that last and become great business contacts. Some clients, some referral partners, some referral sources.

Every one of them remembers who I am!

100% Response To Just One Email!

Let me tell you about Colleen. She’s a private coaching client of mine that was tired of the ups and downs with cash flow. One month would be great and the next was dead. Remember my last company was a web design agency so I totally related.

I helped her build one follow up system to reactivate old clients using email alone. Nothing else.

With just one email, NOT the entire campaign, she had 100% response resulting and over $12,000 in sales.

That’s right! 100% conversion!

This was with a simple email campaign. No phone calls, no letters, no postcards, and no new prospects. Just her existing list!

Now I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results. That was an exceptional success, but what if you could get a 10% response? Would that increase your business? What about every month?

Would that make an impact on your bottom line? I bet it would.

THAT is the secret here. To making an impact that will work day in and day out 365 days a year so you don’t have to. Just build it once and you’ll have 6-12 months of follow up working for you. If you have time for the calls, social interaction, etc, GREAT, but in case you don’t, you can rest easily knowing that it’s working for you anyway.

In the past, the only people that have seen my follow up systems are a few of my private coaching clients. Now, I’m seeing that more and more people keep asking me about how to follow up better. Every time I mention my system they get excited and keep bugging me about helping them implement it in their own businesses.

I know that not everyone can afford to be part of my private coaching program and I know the need is there for a system that will show an exact blueprint to create a follow up system that will impress prospects, clients and everyone else you meet along the way.

 That’s why I’m releasing
“The Follow Up Mastery System”

Follow Up Mastery System

This system contains

  • The step by step system I use every day in my businesses
  • The Follow Up Mindmap – Every critical step in a easy to follow visual map
  • Every “touch” scripted and pre-written. – Just tweak them a bit for your voice and you can send them immediately
  • Video Training – Video training to go over each and every step to implement the system and show you the psychology used behind communication
  • Mobile Ready – Downloadable videos to watch on your tablet or smart phone while on the go
  • iPod ready – MP# versions of the video so you can load them on your mp3 player and listen while you’re in the car
  • 24/7 Access To Your Student Dashboard – Private Student area that you can get access to your materials any time. As long as you have Internet access you can get to your materials


How Much Will Having Your Follow Up System Be Worth To You?

My one on one coaching clients have paid me as much as $3000 to help them build a single follow up system before and based on the fact that it will now work for them 24/7 365 for YEARS to come, I know that they will get many times their return!

How much is one additional client worth to you? What about per month? Per year?

What if you only saw a 10% increase in sales by having a systematic process built to follow up with your contacts. How much would that net you in the next year?

Remember that it will work each and every month for the lifetime of your career! Once you learn this system, you’ll be able to sue it for the rest of your life.

Will this work for your business?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this type of follow up is designed to work in any business. In fact… do you by chance work for someone else? If you’re selling something, yours or someone else’s, you’re going to love this system. It will increase your sales volume and turn you into THE Expert in your area.


  • Yes! I want the blueprint to my own step by step follow up system and to become a Follow Up Fanatic!
Become A Follow Up Fanatic!

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